Herbmisters Nev Skunk Adventure



Job done:)

Cheers Shanti:)Cheers Nev:)

and thanks to all the members of MNS for just bein cool:cool:

be good;)

edit... left to right,ssh3/ssh1/big nev


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My man that's not Nev SK. I implore yu to take these pictures down. Now I will need samples to check out. You cam send too. 678 wothless street...Hahaha Seriously my friend. Good job. I like the colors they are showing. This is a strain that has interested me, and I think I will go back thru your thread to re-read it all as it has been a piece since I did. Be well...Ns


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well done herb on the harvest.:) i do love your outdoor grows i cant wait to grow my nev skunks out i just have so meany of shanti seeds i can never make my mind up whats next.:confused: well next i think i may do a shark shock, white shark comparison grow or maybe a quick shit grow lol.:confused: we are getting a few frosts here now so i think i will start preparing the ground for next years outdoor crop soon. come to think of it i think i will do mns early skunk next and make some f2 seeds for outdoor next year based on photo period. i only have 10 seeds left as i put 10 out this year but the local deer feasted on them.:( anyway early skunk, early Durban, lowrider2xskunk, outdoor for me next year. what you putting in any idea yet herb?


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Very nice job mate !
It was pleasure going through your Neville's Skunk adventure !

Shall we see another Mr.Nice strain with shorter flowering in 2011 ?



hello H,

you have the heart of a lion sir!.:cool:

If only the weather would do your efforts Justice "bring on global warming".;)

These guys in Oz make it look easy, with there Fancy weather lol.:p

Respect and enjoy the fruits of your labour!!!!!!!!.