hawaii indica X skunk#1


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like musashi ask me to do a thread

here we go

only 2 seeds are pop up and only one out from the soil

at first time i thinking it was a male because that do strange branch to the natural sex place and put me on error finaly it's a girl

I do it in my greenhouse in reverse condition because it is still winter here and I would finish it by going into the dark in the evening when the days will exceed 12 hours

it rains heavily every day so development may be longer in normal conditions

the flowering time announced is 10 to 11 weeks

the plant smell a good citric odor when i rub the trunk

at grow

at 19 days of bloom

at 32 days of bloom

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Right on brah!

Growing up on the island, I miss the red volcanic soil. Anything and everything grew there. Good hunting braddah I am looking forward to your grow.



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77 days i will stop here and i have keep a clone for a full season
the smell is totaly diferent from the start is very finest skunk smell

smoke repport later



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it's my second smoke of the weed

very skunky with a hit of red fruit

the smoke is really smooth

in a complet season that should be very good

but i think is not a big yeiler the bud are not really compact

maybe a cross with a critical mass dad can be interesting