Harvest: pull by roots or cut at stem?


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Is it wiser to harvest cannabis by cutting the stem or by uprooting it?
I’ve harvested cannabis by pulling up the plant with the roots intact and by cutting the stem to harvest.
I wondered if you had to harvest early in the outdoors to beat the rain, does pulling the plant up by the roots allow it to continue sending sugars to the flowers as it hangs upside down even after it is uprooted.
Can the plant keep maturing aeroponically after it is uprooted.
Is it best to always cut the stem to harvest?
I’ve seen white calyxes goes red a week after harvest when the roots were kept intact and the plants were hung in a dark place. Is that normal anyway?

Any thoughts?

P.S. I had a seven footer that was almost impractical to pull up by the roots this year.


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Avoiding falling dirt on buds

I aim to harvest when the air and soil are at their driest and then the dirt can be brushed off the roots quickly before the plant is hung to dry.