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Man I wondered what happened to you, Grover. Sorry I wasn't around when you and Nevil got into it. As I'm sure you're aware, he and I also butted heads. I'm glad you are still around. Is your brother still a member too? I hope so.


The Grey Man

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no, he's not around any more. He's had a bit of trouble with the law and had to give up the whole growing thing. To be honest, he's very lucky not to be inside right now! Many of my friends have been done recently - I don't know if it is a sign or not..

As for Nevil, it seems that he is quite a difficult fellow to get along with. Very arrogant but this is often the case with genius' seems he even got himself banned!!!

Glad you guys are OK, though!


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Harvested by trich colour or other method

though as harvesting early may just mean that the haze side of the plant doesn't have time to mature properly and express itself fully. Only experience will tell you.
Hello again Grey Man, I've thinking about what you said with the idea that maybe the haze side had not fully developed. That makes a lot of sense.

How did you determine that your crop was ready to harvest? Did you look at the trichs with a small microscope as suggested by many, or do you just have enough experience that you feel that you basically know when to yank?

I have no experience at all, so please bear with me. My seeds arrived the other day and I'm super excited to get started but alas the season is not right where I live and my current crop is one week into 12/12.

Looking ahead, I would like to get some clones going with this strain, that will really help with determining the effects of flowering time on the resultant high.

If I do actually achieve what I hope with the cloning and pulling plants say one week early, one on time and one left extra late (or something like that), with clones this should be a meaningful experiment. I'll start a thread when I get to that point, but that's quite a way down the road.

So ya, how did you decide when to harvest your crop?

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hey grey man, great thread i love your description its getting me excited. i also have some mk skunk going right now. is there any particular phenos i should be looking for ? i also want to try the stones now ! thanks