Grover's Early Skunk Haze 1

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Last couple of shots of this bud. The red stem is stress - they are not hungry feeders at all!!!

it was a nice one but not my favourite.

One of the others smells of apple - which is very unusual

another smells of just pure pepper. This is my favourite!


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Here's another I took down today.

I took the leaves off this one so you could see the whole plant.
It is typical of the strain. Not the best yielder, not the densest nugs. An average plant of this type. The shape of the plant is absolutely typical of the plants I saw from this strain. Classic old school style.

You can see where a couple of light feeds still managed to burn all the leaves. BE WARNED!!

The yields on this strain have really surprised me, as has the quality of bud structure. It also has an amazingly quick finish.

The aromas are nice but mild, though.

You can see that the top colas can get massive.



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^^I like the look of that plant, looking forward to a smoke report. Did you buy those direct, I never see this strain in the auctions?

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You should see Mrs Pepperpot. Unbelievable bud structure. Nipples appearing everywhere and solid solid solid. Resin is great, too. I took photos today but they didn't come out. I'll try again tomorrow.

I am looking forwards to trying the buds myself - especially Mrs. Pepperpot and another hazy lady that is still up with her...

I bought the seeds from I have bought a million seeds there and never had a problem.

18 seeds, 11 females. Can't beat that!

Any 50% Haze which looks and yields like these beautiful nugs and still finishes early October is well worth a try IMO. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the smoke quality.
The aromas are nice but the lack of a real potent smell can be a God-send for a lot of growers who have to be stealthy - again, great for outdoor grows. Also, the fact that they don't need feeding is great for guerrilla style grows, too...

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I really like this plant (Mrs P) The buds are dense and nipples are expanding everywhere. She is just pretty.
There is no top cola - just a MASSIVE bud. It looks funny.

She will go for about 9 weeks.

Can't wait to smoke her - <<anticipation>>
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Hi Betterhaff - she is still going for it. Nearly at 9 weeks now. Thing is that these plants finish real quick. You think she has a couple of weeks left and it turns out to be just a week. Still, Mrs Pepperpot still has a week to go (....)
I didn't actually get a photo of the 'Club Bud' at the top. That large one in the photo is just a thumb. There's ten like that on the plant at least.

PlantManBee, I'm with you on that. I already bought another pack. It is the only 50% Haze that is possible outdoor where I am, that's for sure.

The drying buds smell much more than they did on the plant. A great sign. A very pleasant overall smell, leaning towards the sativa side more than the skunk side.

A quick taster of the first plant to get the chop (the small budded freak-a-deek) and it is a very flavoursome one (it smelt more than the others, too.) The EarlyPearl genetics are VERY obvious in the flavour of this small, very very early pheno. - it must be an EP throwback. Not much Haze in it at all. It is completely different to all the other plants but still very interesting and nice to smoke. If you know the Early Pearl then you will recognise the taste straight away. The high seemed nice and 'up' but I can't tell you too much about it as I was smoking like a Jamaican all day yesterday. I was already completely martical.


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“Club thumbs” are ok too…on plants. I kind of have club digits, why I’m not much of a texter, I have trouble enough with a regular keyboard.

Smokin’ like a Jamaican…jah mon.

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Hello Haze lovers!

Well, all the plants are down and drying / dried now..

I have been smoking the first of these plants for a week now and also some of the other buds, which are dry but uncured.

The first pheno was a one-off (from my selection, anyway) very early pearl. It is a lovely smoke.
All of the buds have a similar, Earthy taste to them, maybe a bit peppery but EP girl also had a very juicy fruity flavour too. A lovely smoke.
Some of the others have slight fruity undertones as well. The smoke is nice enough tasting. There is no new-skool potent smells, like mangoes or pineapples, etc...

There is a neutral aroma to these plants, either when growing or smoking but when drying they smell very nice. It is an old school aroma of - well, weed, I guess!!

The smoke is not too light. It is satisfying. You can feel the smoke and enjoy the joint or pipe and it tastes good, like weed, despite the slightly neutral aroma, it is not bland at all.

The smoke smell is of weed. You can't pretend you are smoking anything else (despite what people would lead you to believe.) It is just wishful thinking...

The buds look is a little darker and glistening with a good covering of tiny resin glands. Some of the buds have a commercial, skunk look about them, others are fluffier. All are rounded and skunky shaped.

I got a great yield. Not sure what yet but it fills 2 carrier bags!

And so to the high...

So first of, if anyone has grown normal skunk/haze then this is very similar. It has a bit more indica about it. The high is slightly less cerebral.

It is still very clear and energetic and some of the phenos have a distinctly happy vibe to them. Not quite a euphoria but a very very good, laid-back mood. I'll bet with a good long cure that this feeling is greatly enhanced as it seems to be rising each time I smoke the herb.
I can't feel any paranoia, like you get with thai, sometimes. The high is quite giggly/happy. You can get into "story in your head" mode when on a nice log walk and you feel like it is the best day in ages. That the weather is just perfect and that the view is spectacular, just because of the great, relaxed mood this herb puts you in.
You will not normally have sleepy time with this herb, unless you are already a little tired, in which case you will drift off nicely, if you dare to lie down and relax a little too much.

There is some indica in the mix. It is not quite as cerebral an effect as normal skunk/haze, as I have stated. The mood is happy and giggly but not like fits of uncontrollable laughter and madness that you can get with a good 'normal' skunk/haze. It is very much like Shanti puts it...a great compromise between the indica and sativa sides of the plant.

In summery, this is a tasty, neutral smelling herb which yields well but is a little bit harder to grow. It is quick to start and has a very quick finish, too. Most plants are ready within 9 weeks, with 1 or 2 going a week longer.
It is resinous but not sticky and the buds are more like large nugs than colas. This means that very little was lost to rot.
The smell is peppery/earthy with mixed fruit undertones.
The taste is old-skool pot.
The high is clear and social. A good positive vibe and lots of energy. There is not much in the legs and knees.
Very much a sativa, there is, none-the-less and compromise to the indica side on this strain but it is a good compromise. It is a little less high but finishes at the beginning of October so a fair swap, I would say. At least for those Haze lovers who are growing outdoors but there is still indica in there, somewhere - a little less buzz and a little more comfort.
The strength (from what I can tell so far.. there is much curing left to do) is good. It is not at the Super Silver Haze level but no one will complain about smoking these buds.
A little bit "old-skool" but very practical compared to some 50% haze hybrids.
If you are growing outdoors and your season is a little short then it is this or Early Haze. Give it a go.
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Hi dude, just been looking at your work and wow fair play mate i find this very inspiring as i am just beginning my self seems like i can learn a lot of your feeds so thanks for that.

So could you give any advice for a beginner i have made a thread it under Introducing yourself... New guy on the block any advice would be cool.

Cheers again happy hazing dude will be following your further work.

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Thanks Weedtrunk, that's real kind of you.

I will pop over to say hello on your intro thread, for sure.

Any problems you are having I would be happy to throw in my tuppence worth - growing should be easy - not rocket science, so together and with support from other growers on this forum, we should do OK.

You can also PM me if you like.



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Thanks Grover much appreciated dude.

Quick question will you be making hash or oil with the trim ? I love hash myself :D i have been reading some of your stuff and you was saying indica was for hash making a sativa is for smoking the flowers, wouldn't that be wasteful to grow a indica and to hash it all ? I 100% agree with you i think smoking indica can be a bit to much sometimes but there's always a time and place, i love the head highs of the sativa during the day and a hard hitting body stoned indica at night with a few pipes of hash on the side :)

So i think there is always a place in my grow for a indica but leaning more towards the sativa side of things obviously very hard to get a true sativa as most strains are crossed between the both. What would you suggest for someone of my experience ?

Peace and thanks again.

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I make hash with my trim. It is always a greatly appreciated product. First dry sieve and then ice/bubble hash. I don't make oil as I much prefer hash/charas thang. Each to his own, though.
The indica/sativa thing is a bit of a simplification because there are sativas out there that were selected for hashish making, such as the Himalayans but not too many. Flower quality is not important at all with hash making, just how much resin.
It's never a waste to grow an indica just for hash. My brother and I have had great success hashing up outdoor indicas. It's the only real success you can have with outdoor plants where we live!

If you want a gentle introduction to the sativa side then try Critical Haze or Master Kaze and find one of the longer flowering phenotypes. Both lines have fantastic haze-leaning plants to be enjoyed. Superb flavours and highs and not as hard to grow as the 50% hazes at all. I am continually impressed with those 2 lines above almost all others. Every time I grow them.

I am completely with you in that there is a place for all sides of the smoking spectrum (indica, sativa, hash) and I think I will make an effort to get back into a bedtime Kush joint.

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OK, final assessment -

Except for 1 tiny plant (which had about 1/2 an ounce on it..) this was some of the dullest marijuana I've ever smoked.

I wish I hadn't recommended anyone to plant these seeds. Sorry if you have on my say-so.

Absolute dishwater.
This is the 2nd worst marijuana I've grown this year.

I thought it would be so much better than it turned out.

Characterless. Nobody wanted ANY of it. NOBODY. I literally couldn't give it away!!