Gatorbait's Neville's Skunk Grow


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Let's see 49 days since I moved them to 11.0/13.0 light cycle. It really took a good week before I started getting lots of hairs and this is after I vegged for two months. Again, starting from when I first planted the seeds. So I think it depends on how you define your veg/flower cycles. But yes, at least two very hazy bitches will go at least 100 days. A few more plants are on the skunky side and will be quicker to finish. The rest are really in the middle. I will try to find a plant that will be done in 10-12 weeks give or take for a keeper plus a skunky one. I already have a couple of hazy moms. Once I'm certain a plant is ready to chop I usually wait one more week. I haven't been disappointed. I have a feeling the yield will be good. Later, Gator.


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Hi all, sorry for the delay. here are some pics I took about 8 days ago. i will post more recent ones once I process them. Plants are doing well and swelling up. I have one that is ready according to trichomes. Hard dense nuggets. Others are more hazy. Later

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W O W :eek:

Very Very nice buds !!!
I see one white very hazy plant and I LOVE it.
and yes, that is slightly pinky what I got here to ... it makes more fun for eyes

huh ... I must cut one small bud to test it :D


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All done

Sorry this is late but I was out a couple of weeks due to hand surgery. I tried to upload these photos to my gallery but it won't show up. I saved 3 clones for possible moms and have at least one defininte keeper that finished at 10-11 weeks from changing the lights. The seed plants are harvested and the clones are about a month into flower. Clones are topped as the seed plants were not. Height got to be a problem resulting in having to really bend the plants over. The clones are much shorter. As far as the smoke goes it is top notch. I started to get some kind of bud rot or I really think was light damage on the really hazy girls so I took them a little early. So I chopped around October 5th would make it 11 weeks from light change. I'm really interested in how the clones I'll keep this thread open until they are done. Thanks Shanti for letting me particpate. I will link to more photos when I can. Be Safe, Gatorbait....well I can't upload pics at the present. I will try again later.


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Photos Up

Well I don't know what the problem was last night..probably too much Neville's Skunk, hehe. So I'll post a few pics here and check out the rest at my gallery. Later Gator



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21 days since I moved them into the flower room. Killed one more male for a total of TWO out of 12. I've moved the 600w hps out and replaced it with another 400w CMH. Total wattage of 800. My room temps were getting up there and the room is now 10-15 degrees cooler. Plus I am really impressed by the CMH and its' full spectrum of light. The plants are five to almost 6 feet tall now and I hope they have stopped stretching. Feeding once per week with the fox farm nutes and Open Seasame. Plants are super healthy and smelly. The clones in the bubbler are rooted and I will move these to soil today. I should get a least one or two keepers. I plan on topping the clones and keeping the next crop shorter. Stay safe, Later Gator
Fucking A brother! I have one of these queens bowling me away right now just like your pics are doing man. She is so damn regal and beautiful she reminds me of Cleopatra on the Nile. I swear I have never seen a plant so well suited for optimum light exposure to bud sites. She does that so well. Talk about minimum leaf to bud ratio! She is stripped down to the rails. One thing I did right last year was to clone out a cutting from this beauty before Flowering her--- as I she showed her panties really early.


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Thanks. I've recently relocated and are running some Critical mass and ASH. They are about 23 days since planting (seed run) and ready to pot up. I still have a few of the test seeds Shanti sent me. The NS is great weed it just takes longer in flower. I ran these for about 12+ weeks and they could have gone longer. Just bend them bitches over.....


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hi gator,
I have a NS female that has been around a couple season's now and she is well like by everyone,I have let sample her.
(my stash) is what I call her since most smokers don't follow pedigrees.
Most say Ah Mango shortly after a few puffs.
Every so often I will let a little out and it is a real treat to all.