G-13 x Hash Plant [1988 IBL]


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Hello everybody,

We were gifted some seed, and hope it will produce something medicinal and highly resinous. This is my first time growing a pure Indica. Perhaps other MN members have grown this line before, and might kindly share some tips.
We understand it's an IBL, derived from an open pollination of the Seed Bank 1988 stock 'G-13 x Hash Plant F-1 Hybrid'. Nevil's original cross was listed as the G-13 cutting x (HP x [HP x NL1]). This line was worked by NDNGUY and friends; we hope it will be of some interest to our friends here also.



Hey foetus
Im way too keen to see the outcome of this thread! I have two 88 g13 hashplant flowering outdoor at my place at the moment. I could post up some pics later if you like?

I think your gonna have a great time in the coming months..

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Hey foetus
Im way too keen to see the outcome of this thread! I have two 88 g13 hashplant flowering outdoor at my place at the moment. I could post up some pics later if you like?

I think your gonna have a great time in the coming months..

Take it easy
Hey Podg! Awesome that you're also growing this. Yes, please do... looking forward to seeing your pics bro :D

Elmer Bud

G `day F

They look very happy .
Please keep us posted on the grow . I have been interested in this line since the Free Leonard at Treating Yourself .

Haze man and a bunch of guys who worked with Mota Rebel also used the G13/ HP #1 in crosses with good success . I grew a Bubba Kush G13 HP cross that I really liked . Used it to breed some interesting hacks of my own .

Thanks for sharin

EB .


Can you tell us a little about that madness grow from hazeman you did , how big they got , was it indoor , smells and so on .


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2 of my buddies just did a 2 pack grow if the Hazeman/NDMGuy G13 x HP.

We found 2 different phenos, and the plants varied in size. A Leafy Pheno, and 1 pheno that had large buds, and rock hard when cured out. This was the best plant out of the 2 packs/9 females after culling.

Both phenos had good resin production.

Buddy #1 had to curtail the grow at 50 days flowering due to Powdery Mildew.
Buddy #2 had no such problems.

Friend #1 best pheno was the Leafy. Had really good resin production, and despite being probably at least 2 weeks early was potent, and had good production. Taken to the max, with no PM problems, this would have been a nice plant. Plant was Vegged/Flowered under 1000w Hortilux HPS/We all use the same stuff, except #1 doesn't have the height for a Gavita.
#2 was flowered under 1000w Gavita.

#2 had rock hard buds, the plants was grown in a 15 gallon container/Promix BX, was 30 inches tall, and 48 inches wide. Was vegged 75 days under 1000w Hortilux HPS. Very complex branching, huge production for a 100% Indica. Pulled 17oz from 1 plant. Could get more with a bigger container.
Our Mr Nice SSH by comparison will do 28oz in the same situation, but only needs 50-60 days veg. They usually go 60 because we start new plants when these go into flowering, so these go 63 days at least, so the cut will get 7-10 days to root, and 50+ to veg. In 5-20 gallon containers.
1 guy vegges/floweris in the same container. Buddy #1 vegges in 5g, and transplants into whatever. Both ways work =lly well.

Both the Leafy/and Rock Hard phenos tasted the same, and had the same high.

High end sour hash taste, lung expanding, couchlock. Really good for Bubble Hash. Killer as a matter of fact.

These plants need good ventilation, and warm temps or they are susceptible to Powdery Mildew. Especially it seems the Leafy Pheno.

Again, we found great variation in the size of the plants. We really didn't muck around for the runts.

IM also really not a shill.

I just try ant alert to some good skunk genes, skelly hashplant, and some Duke Diamond VA genetics, and could care less if anyone buys them.

The G13/HP needs to go around 65-70 days

The Coastal Seeds Puck Yeah...is also 1 you may want to look into. Its NL1 x Puck. Puck is also AKA Skelly HP. Same stuff Nevil had in the 80s. .


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2 of my buddies just did a 2 pack grow if the Hazeman/NDMGuy G13 x HP.


I just try ant alert to some good...genes...

Sorry to paraphrase so harshly, but the meat of what I want to know is would you still recommend getting these in 2019? I’ve heard some not-so-great things about Hazeman’s practices the last couple of years that really turned me off of his genetics.


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We have a nice 88 ghash mamma she tastes a little of cough sweets + hash and when done is a mucho strong hit in the head although i have only flowered her once and more may come when i get to know her properly.
Ive just hit a few girls B domina , gg#4s1, mk ultra,zombie kush and a nevs haze cross with some ghash pollen and look forward to trying out the new crosses.:D


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Ndnguy is the one who saved those from extinction years ago, not sure where hazeman comes into it but people have been crossing these for a long time. We ran the 88Ghash for years and it's hard hitting stuff for sure that tends to do well in crosses.

Be running it again from old seed in a few more months.


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Some '88 G13 Hashplant from Hazeman grown OD in 2015. I used a male to make some more (they are seeded).

Awesome smoke, def recommend!




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I would breed them, to preserve them, and then hybridize them.

Its good weed, but varies. Some is much leafier than others, most all of it is resinous.

It grows pretty slowly, but there are some good plants to be found. I would just go through a bunch of them for breeding selection.

Beware of Powdery Mildew with these especially inside. If inside its a must to have really good ventilation, lower humidity, and airflow.

We found a good/great keeper out of 20 females. But you have to go through a few.

Elmer Bud

Can’t wait to see how they turn out!! Where are sourcing these gems from?

G `day R

Under ground sources that don`t sell seeds .
That would like to see their creations grown out .

Folks that do it for love ,not money .

10 years of trolling forums I have made a few acquaintances .

Thanks for sharin



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chin hits floor

haven't posted in ages, but still lurk and collect research material here every now and again

amazed to see that progeny from NDNguy's s project has been preserved pure in seed (against his wishes if i remember correctly, i guess he had his reasons but i'm glad someone out there did what they did)

spent my entire growing career hunting down what remnants of Nev's work i could find after inheriting some of his stock in the beginning

i am currently running '88 G13HP/'88 G13HP x Afghan from Duke Diamond

it's the best i could access of this cross, and Duke explains he used that specific Afghan to impart mold resistance into the Bx

the first run had no problems but it was not mildew season here so we'll wait and see on that one i guess

gonna go take some pics when the lights come on

but this warning at the top of the page has me skeptical about posting them

"Please do not upload any attachment in the forum within the next 2days. Thank you for your cooperation.":confused:


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Hey all, hey Elka, I'm currently running the same line, would love to hear how yours are going? Cheers...Sensient


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I love all the Duke Diamond/Dominion Gear Ive tried.

Weve grown out the
Local Skunk
Granny Skunk
Dominion Skunk.

I also have Munson on tap. NL5 ( Melvanetics ) x Dominion Skunk
Skunkband V2.. Original Headband x Dominion Skunk. I got them both for $118.00 Buy one, get one. Regularly $260 worth of seeds.
Also have the Sis Skunk on tap
I also bought a killer clone of the Local 3 weeks ago from a guy for $150. Crusted with resin. Sent through the mail. 2500 miles.
We have 2 phenos of the Granny, 2 of the Local, and 2 of the Dominion Skunk.

The Dominion gear is like rock solid hash balls when dried, and cured.
The best ones will cross your eyes, and is lung buster. Very hard hitting, long lasting and physical high from all of it. Really great taste, and smell. Will defeat a carbon filter. It similar, but different enough to keep all 3.

It all was very very consistent. There were no bad plants. Only some were better than others.

We also found a nice keeper in the Hazeman G13/HP. Its very resinous, and was also 1 of the better producer. Rock hard buds.

Heres a photo of a bud, from the clone I bought. Its done in 56 days. Or less.

Also a photo of some Real NL5/Old School 1989 release F5
NL5 is first photo.
Local is second.

Check out the resin in the first link. Crazy. Both links are of the Local clone I got, and the bud in the bottom photo. This bud is also a Middle- Bottom bud. General representative.

This went 61 days. He says its best to take it at 56. Could be even faster depending on set up. Our Local is done in 53 days. As is the Granny, and Skunk. All 3 are 52-54 days.

Our clones of all 3 also are growing much faster, and bigger than the original seed plants, which is great because from seed they are a bit slow, but also have to consider they are all heavy Indica phenotype, they are more Narrow Leaf vs Broad Leaf. The leaves can be huge. Long, and Wide. Some of the Granny has fingers 15 inches long, and 2 inches wide, if vegged with a lot of light ( 100w Gavita )for a long time ( 60 days ) in 20 gallons of soil. We start all of our seeds on 24 hours, and either a 1000w Gavita, or 1000w Hortilux HPS. I figure if I lived at the Equator, in the Mountains of Equador, they would get at least 100w Sq/ft. 1000w Hortilux is 62.5. in a 4 x 4-16 sq/ft... 1000w Gavita in full mode is 71.8.We also use 2 x 32w Solacure UVA/UVB for every 4 x 4, and 1000w HID.




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Looks Great!!!!!

Keep the air to them. They love good airflow.

The pheno we kept is KILLER. Rock Hard buds when cured. Weve had it 2 years now.