FYI- HLG Discount


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Aloha everyone!

If you have been following my threads, you know that I recently went over to LED lighting. HLG has a sale going on til the end of the month offering 10% discounts off the purchase using the code DUDE.
I called them and managed to get a further discount for MNS members. They are offering a 15% discount for the first 5 MNS members who might be interested. Code GYO15



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Yeah, at that price I am considering another one myself. Going to try to finish off large outdoor plants indoors so will be quite a bit of space to cover. It is my understanding that these are pretty good lights and that they use the best diodes and their product is actually assembled by samsung with their chips. 3 yr warranty. Again, thanks for the heads-up, musashi!



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My proposed layout in a 9x9 space. Leaving room for fan and filter, the orange if the 5x5 coverage of each light, the red is the overlap. White is light location. Red X's are my outlets, black X's are possible plant placement. I've improved my coverage and did it with 2.5 amps less! So now I have a buffer on that 15A switch lol!

floorplan layout.jpg