Favorite vaporizer.

Tom bolenate

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I'm in a "I want to quit smoking" trip these days.
1 month wo cigarette or joints today!
I switched to ecig and vaporizer.
I use a mighty as portable when out of home or for a quick Vape in the garden and a vapexhale cloud evo when at home.

Very satisfied of my evo.... Hard hitter and very tasty vapor... But this stuff is very fragile and will surely break one day or another.

I plan to buy a flower pot vrod for Xmas.... Expensive stuff but build like a tank so it will last forever...and all the saving I make in not buying a 10 euros pack of cigarette a day will alow me to buy it.

So you guys who use vaporizer frequently what's you favorite ones?

Do you have a model that you fell superior to the FP? I also have an eye on the sublimator but I feel it's a bit too complicated to use and I don't like the overall quality of it.... Parts comes loose and it looks more like a Chinese made product than anything else.... Not acceptable for the high price they ask.


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For portable handheld I use a Pax. For home, I'm still using an Arizer Extreme Q with good results. I like the quality and utility of both.

The volcano plenty lasted me 7yrs before heater died. It was dropped many times and worked like a champion. Vapor cloud was thick and tasty. It does plug in so not a true portable. It was used all day everyday hooked up to portable battery while travelling and plugged in at home. I now squish everything to rosin and have purchased a dr dabber switch. This device uses heat induction and heats in seconds. It has the highest quality vapour cloud I have experienced. It can also vape flowers but I have not tried it yet. It is 500 dollars but you get higher than when using a nail. Temp is adjustable 300 to 800 Fahrenheit. It has rocked my world! Battery life is 100 to 150 dabs depending on temp.


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You want a VripTech wand. Best, most flavorful and most “bong-like” vape experience out there. No handheld can ever come close, and this is the best of the best for desktop. This is as good as it gets.

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It looks interesting. Does not look like it can do dabs. My tolerance is too high for flowers. Everything is squished to rosin. It is much easier on the lungs if you are chronic. My lungs used to hurt from smoking(sub par weed). I use a hair straightener and a dewalt clamp. Hair straightener lasts a couple of months before it crumpled under pressure. Second hand store 10 bucks. Rosin has almost zero shelf life, keep it in freezer!DD21A813-1770-498D-BE6A-EFD54AB6C0C7.jpeg


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I use a pax 2 and an arizer solo. I think that the solo gives better flavor and vapor, but the pax is quite nice and discreet.