F2's for Me and You's


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Well the germ test went horribly right :D 4 for 4 no mutations or stunted runts. Maybe a week above dirt, these will be transplanted into beer cups shortly, and flowered whenever in something bigger than a beercup :p Prolly flip them ~4/20 :cool:


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Hello PatrickStar,

Nice man...it's fun to see what one can get another generation down the line starting with great genetics. I just popped some Nl5Hz F2's from a male that I mistook as a female that had great structure and took the longest to show...his flowers weren't all that impressive, but I did kill him early as I wasn't planning on making seed...some of the earlier set flowers opened before I got to him though...7 different females were pollinated, and wallah...
Nl5Hz F2's...9 popped within 36 hours, one didn't but went into soil anyway...about a week later, I had some good lookin' seedlings...a couple with a good amount of trich development on the first set of true leaves. Excited to see what they hold...

Curious as to what your selection criteria was...sending them good vibes :D Peace!


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My selection criteria was...

I had 3 plants left from my last 5-6 seeds, and I made em have babies :D

Lol it's 2 females and one male. I'll get pix of the girls in here. The f2's so far seem to be like sativa dom Sk plants in growth patterns with some funky and some sweet smells in flower. No crazy colors that I've seen yet, but some STRONG highs. Kind of an introspective smack in the face :p


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Hey PatrickStar,

Lol...cool man...starting with quality F1s that are inbred I guess selection isn't crucial... I'll be watchin' with interest! Peace!


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If I were really going to inbreed these with a goal, I would say that it's crucial, but I just made seed so I'd have seed. There was nothing that popped up to tell me NOT to use these plants (herms, slow growth, poor high/taste, etc...), so I used em :D

I was pretty green when I made these seeds, I was looking for a way to not have to blindly throw cash across the atlantic & and still be able to reproduce similar plants that I saw in the 'f1s'. FWIW, my experience with the f1's was much more sativa oriented than described in Shanti's descriptions, so these plants are also more sativa leaning. I doube that I'll see anything that is REALLY finished in under 65days after first flower from seedplants, or 65 days 12/12 from clone.


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Bud from f1 mother labeled #1

Bud from f1 mother labeled #2

Both moms as seedplants, ~12 weeks after the flip to 12/12

#1 right before chop, ~12 weeks after first flowers, 13/14 wks after flip to 12/12

#2 right before chop, ~10wks after first flowers, ~12wks 12/12.

EDIT - Looks like #2 was PM prone. Learn something new every day :D

Chana Masala

P Starz are these the fabled Sour Saccarin, from the land of frolicking unicorns that wear socks with sandals...

I am hyped my man...




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Hey if you get the sour saccarin pheno, that's a sport! :rolleyes:

Yeah there are indescribable smells in these beans for sure. I'm usually pretty good with making my own mind up, but I remember the smell reports came in from ALL over with these. In my mind I've always thought that these would be where I would look if I had to find a commercial mother. Hard hitting, frosty, loud smell (lol welcome to cali, bitches. Never would have thought I would call a smell level 'loud' but I jus' did :eek: ), big ass vigorous plants that seemed to clone easy from the f2 gen, I didn't try to take cuts of the orig seeds I don't think.

Blah blah blah. "We like the old Paddy, he posted like 20 pics a day..." Yeah, well just cause I don't have a perpetual NOW doesn't mean I'm not gearing up. ;)

K. Pix.

"Paddy, those are stretchy as hell, don't you have a light to stick them under?"
These are afterthoughts that I am now thinking about. Stems become taproots in healthy, moist (NOT WET, lol) soil. I'm going into this soil with all of this chunky ass crab shell/meat, so if I end up burning them, I will have learned something, and I'll replace them with a shitton more in straight coco :p

I have a lil fear of spiders that growing is helping me come to grips with. I have to love the lil guys, cause they are my plant protectors. 'Cept I'm bettin this lil tough guy is eating the ladybugs that I throw in my high tech 15w veg room.

If I got those in the high tech low wattage veg room, I have to take 4 cuts out to put in the low tech high (26w) veg room. Now we're cookin!!

And because my life and room need some randomness, I dropped 5 or 7 of my FoShoHz into this lil yogurt sized hempy filled with 50% of my soilmix, and 50% straight coco. Watered everything with...


Pics in 2 weeks or if the plants die first. :cool:

EDIT - https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=235333
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Vety cool!

Wow man, very nice.
I don't know, I'm probably wrong as I have heard so many things about f2's, but why not? Same genetics, pleanty of seeds etc etc. Your bound to get some that are the same or very close, or maybe even better.
I am a newbie to this forum and plan to pick up MNS this winter. I just finished my own breeding thing (pollin chucking) I crossed a male LA Con with a female LA for f2's (got a ton of nice beans, and all the ones I tested poped)
Shit they go for around $145 for 10.
I also used the LA to cross it with Chronic Juicy fruit. Great yeilder, but not all that frosy, so I hope to get the best of both worlds. With so many seeds how can I not. It may take a sec, but it's there. I also crosseed the LA totally Indica with a sativa. Not sure what strain, as some of my beans got mixed up when I moved.
So a bunch of f2's and a bunch of F1's. Im super psyched to grab some MN genetics.
Thoes are some sweet ass plants bro!
Good job.