EQx Haze Smoke report


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Hey folks,

Just thought I would past up a wee smoke report of some EqxHaze, grown by ojd.

I have been holding off for a few days from writing this. As every evening I reach for my jar and the smells become more complex, along with the tastes.

Largish dense nugs of medium green swollen calyxes with a few small red hairs eminating from the calyx. Upon openin the jar, the smell isn't intense. Predom skunky with a sweet earthy fruity hashyness, not disimilar to a good Hindu. The fruity side leans more towards berrys than the citral edge, no tropical or lemon scents. The earthyness also has a slight amonial edge in the background.

When broken up the skunky fruity tones comethru more, with the earthyness turning to a kind of nuttyness. This to I associate to a good Hindu. There is also a floral edge like with widow, but not perfumy. This is the smell taste that is changing the most over the short cure. This floral edge is turning more musky and starting to give a hopp like edge. Very intriguing.

When you actually get to grinding this great herb up, there is a slightly acrid, nasaly fruity hash smell. Not really too sweet, almost pepper scent there also. I think this is from the haze. It leaves a slight spice and dry edge.

The dry or unburnt toke is Skunky, woody, nutty, No ligering flavor. Although this is now starting to leave the hopp like taste.

Smoke is very smooth and non expansive (well perhaps slightly). I actually think the haze is trying to be the dominant flavor, but most of the haze scent has been removed / replaced by the eq.The taste is def that of a sativa influence bud with heavy skunky kushy like undertones. The smell the smoke leaves is also hoppy, not like a Haze bud with the think hazy smog.

There really isn't anything in your face with this bud. The taste are complex but quite subtle. Yet there is enough taste to stop the bud from becoming boring and generic.

The high comes on in a mellow wave of well being and delivers a very clear focused head. 100% quality balanced, relaxing yet stimulating. Very good for daytime or socialising. Perhaps a little to heavy to wake and bake if you have things to do. But this is equally good to end the night with also.

At first when I started smoking this, a few days ago, i thought i was very skunk / indi dom, but the more I smoke the more it leans on the sativa side. The more the cure, the more sativa I believe the smoke will become.

The best thing about this pheno is the high is delivers in the short flowering period. She is very sativa comparible, and she will not burn you out.

Medical value: Not particularly effective with physical / neuro pain or muscle stiffness management. But prob very good for some mental dissorders. It leaves the mind focus, relaxed and stimulated. No anxiety, if anything I think it decreases anxiety.

Out of all the eq haze samplers I have tried this was the most indi dom interms of structure, and probably has the most complex tastes. But, to me, the other phenos I have tried delivered a little more potency. But this was a couple of years ago that I tried the other phenos.


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How is the Odor on this lady when growing? Is it low or high odor? incense/leather/mahogany/musty basement smelling/citrus/fruit?