EQ - indoor then Outdoor in UK wild :)


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Hmmm. I've just planted 4 plants outdoors. I vegged 4 clones indoors. They got to about a foot tall. I planted them outdoors at the beginning of July. We're in the middle of July now and they're doing fine, despite the shit summer we're having in the UK this year.

This is my first outdoor guerilla so I hope that what you're saying's correct Celtic Warrior. It's not EQ or any special strain, just some bagseed experiment guerilla type of thing. Just thought I'd mention it coz I planted outside pretty late, but these clones had a great start indoors though.
I planted out late this year aswell gm. Well lost all but 2 plants from the early plant out. :( put some out to replace these july with small seedlings. There just starting to grow now so they should be ok Just not big yeilders. Still theres a few out so should be ok still.