EQ 2013 round 2


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Drying, curing and a bit naive here

Hey thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it, Ive always been close to the earth kind guy, I don't mind putting a little work into something I am going to consume, meaning getting my hands dirty, there's kind of proudness and a feeling of satisfaction doing it everything and making a final product then consuming it, I know what is in it. The plant cannabis is new to me, growing such a light intensive sub tropical, tropical plant is new to me, I am sure I have a long way to go on the learning curve and I don't mind learning, so if I sound a bit naive forgive me but I am.

So what I did I took Eq #3 and made a mesh bag from some door screen material, Eq#2 I placed into a paper bag and I will let them both hang a bit longer.

Here is another observation, Eq have a very unique odor, to me it does not smell like typical cannabis, drying or growning. I wonder if the smoke is scented differently too? I can not tell this since I am smoking it, to close to the produce, and I keep it discreet so I have no one to give me feed back. Does anyone know differently or has anyone gotten feed back from others about Eq's odor?

Thanks for the help.