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Hi People
im wondering if in the end of the season if i build a easy cpvc hoop to protect the ladys from the rain im thinking this because the botrytis, i think if i cover the bud and hit with some air circulation everything is gonna be ok right?
I dont know if doing a green house to protect buds from botrytis is worst or better. i'll check the coming rains to build this i dont want any wet bud, i see some people ensambling this greenhouses very easy but what would you recommend to me to get best results.

¿You think that cover the buds off the rain is clever?

¿would you think that controling the botrytis is easy in a green house or without it? dont forget that the last season is very rainy and humid
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My suggestion would be IF you plan to put up a greenhouse do it the entire season not just the end of the year. This does a few things. 1 it allows you to darken the plants on a strick 12/12 cycle so once your happy with their growth size bam slap the dark tarp on them. That will make sure they start flower right away rather then a slow transition. This will produce a more dense bud that finishes much earlier. 2. Using a green house will allow you to use fans heaters and sup lights. So on the rainy days you want to run the lights so the plants get the proper light. Plus this will help keep the rh down. If you need to lower it more kick on a couple fans or a nice exhaust. those would be my suggestions. Anx yes a proper greenhouse will help with mold. Remember the reason for a greenhouse is to control the elements better. Hope this helps. Boron420 I believe just posted pics of his hoop house check it out. At least I think it was him sorry if not still learned some new faces. And welcome to mns btw :)


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Thanks weezy 3 week ago i was straight to it i was going to build a greenhouse but my fear is that the plastic will increase the temperature, cause in summer is hot here like 38 degrees , and i know that the plastic will increase de temp`inside the greenhouse.so the extreme heat what would do to my ladys and if i put a couple of fans its goping to keep the temperature down? i saw a aluminum grid a like this grid dont let the extreme heat go into the greenhouse, but down here they don't sell this things.
¿you think that if i build my greenhouse before the rainy seasons it will change the life cycle of my plants or they will be stress i dont know, so let me know what you think about this cause i dont have much resources down here in uruguay, i can buy a couple of fans and a deshumidity(i dont know how you call the machine wich converts into water the humidity in the ambience)

PLease tell me and if you dont understand something because of my bad english let me know and you fix it out.

Thank you weezy and if someone else join this thread i¡ll be thankfull

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Hey renegade, I've a couple of buddies that grow outdoors without hoops here in the rain, they simply put plastic roofs over the plants to keep rain and dew off of them, a couple of fans blowing across them help a great deal.
Anybody wanting to run light deprivation outside must realize they have to cover and uncover in a 12 hr cycle, for 2 months+, WITHOUT FAIL! 6 am-6pm so to speak. It will blow your mind, BUT it does require that commitment or you will ruin your entire outdoor crop (when they try to switch back to veg!)
A hoop house WILL hold heat and MUST be ventilated for heat and humidity.
A serious outdoor light dep is exactly like an indoor grow but with translucent walls. Fans, lights, dehumidifiers all important.
But for the budget minded, a large sloping (rain run off) piece of plastic and a few fans can get you a decent crop if you work it! Get yourself a little jug of green cure and dip the bud/branches in a mixture of it (and then a rinse dip) at harvest if any sign Of PM or molds when harvesting. Good luck down there bro!


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YeeAH!!i sw this on a jorge cervantes vid those guys get 3 harvest with clones a greenhouse and they do what you say they make 12/12 thats nice . but tell me something i am wondering its better quality?yield? anything? between greenhouse or outdoor?

I think its better somethimes the greenhouse cause the rain cant mold the bud and the rain i think can make loose some trichoms right? i mean the trichoms are hydrosoluble but if the rain strikes the plant with the wind and if the ran is strong i mean the thc may desprend o f the buds maybe?



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You can end up with slightly better quality in a greenhouse just because you can control the environment a bit better. But the quality of the light dep units is unparalleled if done right. You can finish the plant in July and August when the sun is high and hot, not low in the sky. Think of an indoor running full nute lineup, with a million times the light spectrum you'll ever get from a lamp, ANY lamp. Even the buds way down low, back in on the stalk finish completely.
Dank and sticky and WITH WEIGHT! But DO NOT screw up that 12/12 scedual!!!


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nice one i think im gonna build one big green house for big plants/yields and other not that high to make fast harvest with that technic making an army of small plants
i think that should work out:rolleyes::eek:maybe


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I think ultimately, the maturity of the bud is what rules, each strain needs to reach maturity to be judged fairly. So if your climate is in opposition to what the particular strain needs to mature you either need to A) change the strain or B) change the environment to suit the strain.

So if you had a really fast car and it was pitted against a golf cart if the track is a pebble quarry the golf cart wins but in the walmart parking lot, the jaguar wins.:)

Just to take it out of context and fwiw I am too stoned to make sense to myself right now, over and out!


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Well that's the other nice thing about light dep, if you force flower early, rather than pulling crops in due to weather,( ie it's going to be a rainy month, there close so?) your finishing 8 weekers in August.
So so can run sativas and the 10-12 week strains still without fear of the wet season so much.
I pull my meds that will be used for oil pretty early, just as trichs start to turn a bit of amber. But I let some run out longer for that evening bowl!:)


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Bienvenido a la página, Renegade. Crezco mis medicinas al aire libre así, y aunque no he utilizado un invernadero en el año, he visto bornon420 imágenes y definitivamente sabe lo que está haciendo. Weezy y Barnflowers también jardineros muy exitosos, por lo que pueden estar seguros de que cualquier consejo que te dan será exacta y precisa, a menos que, por supuesto, han tenido demasiado a fumar. Entonces podría ser un poco vago! :) :)

Uruguay es un país muy hermoso y me animo a publicar un hilo crecer para que todos podamos seguir su progreso como su jardín madura.




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thanks cavedweller im new here, and in about 2 days i already learn some things from the forum, sorry i write you in english but i like to practice and is easy to everyone to understand me (sometimes haha:D)
And im gonna post my grows when i get my MNS by the moment westernunoin cant send the money for some troubles wich i don have a clue, so im waiting for that and then yeah i will update the results from uruguay wich is a country very peacefull where i live you can smoke in front of a cop and they rarely tell you to stop or anything. by the time we have a law in the senator chamber(i dont know how you say the place when senator and stuff decide about laws)lets see what happens they want to sell weed legaly but they dont gonna let the people grow at home i think i'll be know for sure very soon.

So uruguay is gonna explode we need seeds down here and support we have to make a greener world!!

Buenos humos

Good vibes


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That's OK Renegade, I wrote to you in Spanish because I need the practice!! Keep posting my friend, we are all rooting for you!!



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of course and talking about roots hjaja i'm starting a veg room for my mothers i'm going to get some update when i get my seeds and get on the road, i got to attempt to make a nice cloner dome(IF you know some good cloner give me a clue)!
i cant wait to see how the MNS reacts in Uruguay. im sure there is somebody growing down here some good MNS but i dunno maybe ill be the first but i really doubt it. here the folks go for the fem like to much even i started in that way this is my first serious try with regulars!
i'll keep it up

see you



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Hi wicked1!

I can tell you that here in uruguay theres no original landrace that im concerned.
But there is a few people breeding their plants, not many but there are some experienced ones and some new at this like me.(imnot calling myself as abreeder just a grower)
Here in my country right now is autum is about to start winter and in september october starts spring so normally the people start to germinate in this months .so the climate its kind of subtropical but mostly template when the summer is almost done start the rainy seasons in late march and april and may when the "local" plants are about to harvest mostly in aprin or may, the seeds that most people planted here many years ago come from pressed bricks of weed of really bad quality just somehow there were some green shit always the weed here is brown this shit comes from paraguay a country with more humidity jungles dont have coast, in paraguay weed is cheap and rellatively good but the shit that goes down uruguay sucks really bad quality. i started planting those seeds experimenting i didnt know much about that i was like 16 years old. so our "landraces" mostly must be sativa dominants. i got one with 10 years being growed down here i gotthe seeds from a old guy friend of my family. the plant taste is earthy and a wierd almost sweet flavour i dont know how to describe it really.
There's a nice place to grow some good weed got a nice sunny summer but a high humidity end but you can live with that.

see you!:cool:


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Hi again!

Hey Renegade, Me siento identificado con tu post!! jaja yo hace alrededor de 6 anios empece mis primeras plantas con semillas de prensado paraguayo que comprabamos con mis amigos..
Se que la ley en Uruguay sobre el cannabis va a cambiar muy pronto... tengo ganas de comprarme una casa en uruguay para volver a estar cerca de mi flia y amigos!! espero que la ley avance!



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Hi bdamian86

jajaja que bueno encontrar alguien que conoce uruguay. esperemos que salga esa ley que permitira el autoucltivo 6 plantas por persona supuestamente!



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Here is a link to a greenhouse made with cattle panels instead of pvc. It is just as simple, more rigid and I think it could withstand some time without a tarp on it. Once your heat subsides, add the plastic. :)

Greenhouse - YouTube

Most of the southern part of South America looks beautiful from what I have seen. My husband and I are hoping to come down your way in a few years for an anniversary trip. But we will both have to work on our Spanish first. I have not used it since I was in school and mine is terrible.....his is worse.
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Hi Ali i saw the video .
It's a good idea. Im going to gather some info about the prices of the pieces. maybve i should do an hybrid with cattle pannels and for structural matters some pvc tubes, im thinking one on the sealing and a couple for the sealing toube to connect in the ground.

Well aLI you're welcome here in Uuruguay. you can come every time of the year but if you want to meet a lot of people from uruguay and other countrys i recommend to you and you husband to make your way in summer (december to febrary) and go to the south east of the country wich have nice oceanic beaches, salty and cold. just come to Cabo Polonio, Valizas, Punta del diablo(i have a nice little house here), there are many nice places if you search for a quiet time to chill of the noises of partys and people!
See you soon guys:D

Hope you the best thanks. you helped a lot.


The simplest way to protect from rain is to put up an umbrella type clear plastic roof over them. You can leave the sides mostly open that way if the cover is wide enough. If you have a lot of plants then it's time for a green house. :D

You don't have to put the roof close to the plants so air circulates. better.

You can make the frame from wood or plastic pipe, like PVC. Make sure water runs off & can't collect on the roof. You can make it so the rain runs into buckets to use for watering when it's dry. You can make it any shape you want.

Thanks for the green house & other links.



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Nice med!!

Hi Med
nice i can see it in my mind, here the cold its not the problem is just the end of the summer rains , is a good idea to make a roof with plastic in an angle falling in to buckets to recolect rain water for my mothers and upcoming clones, cause at that point the outdoor plants must be in the final track so no much water needed mostly because im going to do organics so no need to flush, right? maybe one 2 week after haervesting i sure would do that but i dont know if is the best really:eek: