El Niño ~ La Niña Comparison thread.


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Yeah thanks, I bought a pack from a seedbank and none have sprouted. They lack vigor, ime old seed.
Just thought i'd put a note of interest here.

It's now almost six months and I just cut 9zips from two lovely identical la nina.
Astonished me that four weeks after other seeds had sprouted three la nina came up! The tray was in the background getting random water and almost forgotten.

Three up but only one normal. The other two grew stalks with a stuck-hard seed pod and after surgery and coaxing they survived.
These were two ladies, the third was a male.

So the male was definitely more sativa dom with thin wiry leaves and I grew it for pollen. The two females, of which iv'e been smoking on this week & just had a spliff I would describe as a sativa stone and they definitely flowered that way. Long lasting strong stone but not headbound/heavy! Kind of chemically sweetness, not the Mullum i remember but hints of it. I suspect the male to be the wicked old style thai stick I recall so we'll see.

Anyhow.. all good, luckily I managed to redeem these seeds coz I was pretty pissed off at the seller or their supplier at the time.