Early Queen


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Hi all

17 Beanz came to life .

Ended up with 10 very large girls , growing in a greenhouse .

They are 4 weeks into bloom , quite frosty and smelling fruity/skunky , back in the day kinda smell , first grow type of aroma , Nice ;) .

Will get some shots soon .

Stay High .

If any one can let me know how to delete pics , that would be great , many thanks


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Early Queen Greenhouse Grow 33 days Bloom


Growing in 25 L bags of Organic , Mainly had water . Humidity is high 70%+ , temps are above the 20's

Happy Growing All ;)


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47 Day Early

Thanks Weezy & Old Grower , Keep up the great work :)

The Early Queens were cut at 60 days , first pic a 47 day test chop lower branch , second pic is a two week chop & dry test , third is the local sort after bud.
Hands down toke for toke the EQ is the most tasty, hashy inhale with a fruity exhale with a mind soaring high that lasts for hours , very very potent herb. Smells very excotic with orange & fuel whiffs. It is also very sticky , so much so the papers are hard to roll . Much kinder than the local indoor , which is excellent just not in EQ league.
And all this from an early scraggy looking weed sample :)

Many thanks for a stellar strain MNS , looking forward to toking this line over the next few months .
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Bubble Gum Flavour on some :) still up high with some burnout now ,

One flavour is stand out , I had the pleasure of some really good Turkish Hash (very rare , so they say haha ) , melting at room temp , top shelf , One EQ had the same beautiful hashy taste , toking from one of these beauts :) is real Nice :)


looks real good red eye love the description of taste and smell how many females did you end up with? How was the overall yield?


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Hi Man

Ten ladies , quite a lot of bud for just mucking about really , 1-2 0z per plant ;) of good nugs , lost about 5% to mold , but did nothing to help/prevent this :eek:

Take care Greenlake , Thanks


hey redeye24/7 sounds as if you where just having fun and not to serious about how to see how she will do? could she be used for commercial in the right setup? and how does she clone for you? I never had the pleasure but reading this thread give me a eye opener maybe there is good reason to look into her some more might i be in the right direction redeye?


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Not Sure

Hi RATJACK , hope your good ?

Never took clones mate , not sure about commercial , I only grow a few plants for Medicinal use :)

First time I put some plants in a Greenhouse , (probably the last also ;0 ) so can not compare to other strains or how or what the EQ is truly capable of . One thing for sure though and that it was potent :)

But I will say my U2 are the smallest ,lowest yielding girls from all the Rock & Roll series .

But the U2 still carry the same great smell and they also have more leaf throughout the Bud , the same as the EQ , which I put down to being grown outdoor .But it would appear its in the EQ genes.

Hope this helps you a bit :)