Early Pearl Skunk Haze

Looking Real goood!

EZ amathystbuddah, do you mind if I call you something shorter? Maybe Buddah? Anyway, them puppies are looking super healthy. They looked like they were enjoying the LED light thing during veg. I'll be watching this.

Okay I'm a lil high, are you using Canna-Hydro nutes with your Canna-Terra soil?

Also, out of curiosity, what is the glass jar in the corner of your grow tent in photo 015.jpg in this post for >> HERE.

Good luck with the rest of the grow.

Peace. :)


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Hi there RED, nice to see you (tho still get a bit startled :eek: when I see your new avatar:D)

The girls are in Canna Bio Terra tho the nutes are Canna Terre (not Bio)
As you can see its no prob for them;)

I just hope I can keep them on the same path theyre on now. If you pop in and see something going astray please dont hesitate to mention it, I need all the help n advice I can get

As for the jar....Well Red , its a jar...(Damned Stoners looking too deep:rolleyes::D) Must keep up on my housework

As I said in your SD journal will be watching your BW grow with interest as they may be the next beans to crack

Think Ill go fix em some breakfast now

OK RED take it easy n Peace:);)


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24 days of 12/12

Here are the girls (some of them) doing very nicely ta
Due to height issues today lashed down the 5 tallest.
A shame cos it detracts from the beauty of the plants but 1 is still free to go up

Hop were all having fun Peace:)


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Bean Cracker

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Looking good! I'm a big Early Pearl fan and recently been curious about this haze offering. I picked up the Early Queen hoping that I'll find a female or two that's EP dominate. I'm kicking myself for not picking up this haze cross because I think it has the potential to be something very special. I'll be following your thread closely.


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Hey Beancracker nice to see ya

Its coming on nicely, first MNS grow and theyr fantastic plants just hope I can do em justice and not f... em up Plenty of opportunity yet:rolleyes:

Have fun mate Peace:)


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31 days of 12/12

Things are getting a little crowded in the tent as some supercropping went on with 2 of the girls so theyre a bit FAT, another 4 have been gently laid down n tied and just 1 has been allowed to go streight up

Got an oscilating fan now and the humidity is now at ideal levels (was around 60% when just using small clip on fan)

Two of the girls look like they want to finish before the others. That aint no problem:D

One of the girls has been left out cos she aint pretty enough:rolleyes:, but Im sure shell get there in the end

Anyhoo, Happy pottering about All n Peace:);)



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38 days 12/12

Just a pair of shots of my most advanced girl, frosting is just starting to appear

Feel totally flat cos of the match:(
Still, I can start enjoying the tournament now were out COME ON YOU ARGIES:D



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hi amathystbuddah

really beautiful plants you got there , great job

cant wait how they turn out , keep up the good work


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Cheers L33t glad you like the look of her

She will be the main model for now. coming on nicely and growing these babes has been an education AWSOME genetics:D

Peace t y'all:)


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44 days of 12/12

Well its Sunday so lets have some more pics hey?

These are my 2 fave gals putting on weight nicely.One was topped and its restricted height very nicely.Wish Id done this to more of the girls cos some are just all leg and little bud right now:eek:

Now heres the bad news. Discovered by chance that the timer was switching on for 15 mins 3 hours after lights out...DOH:eek:Would this explain why some are a little backwards at coming forwards?Still, its in the past right now but I was very angry with myself for allowing such a fundamental error to occur:mad:

Anyhoo these two girls dont seem to have minded too much

Hope you enjoy looking Peace:)


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15 min doh!

That def could explain the probs you are having. I have not grown many haze varieties but I have heard they are very sensitive to light leaks or in your case the lights coming on at odd hours. I'm glad that a few seem to not be affected. Throw some pics up of the ones that are showing probs, if you don't mind.


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You Shmuk!!

Hey Resinfinger yeah what a shmuk I am!!

Dont know if its a problem as such,flowering may take a little longer but maybe yield will be up?These things just wont stop going up (maybe a symptom of the
mixed up lighting?)

But for sure 2 of the girls have not been too bothered by it as you can see
and maybe Im being a little hard on the other girls because these two are doing alright

Anyhoo its all history and Im on the good path again:eek:

Here is a plant quite typical of what I call Backwards at coming forwards
(not the worst , not the best):rolleyes:




no need to be so hard on yourself. Those plants look healthy! By the looks of it you should be glad you caught it this early. Potentially you could have issues if this went on for longer. I would think more issues in the latter stages of flowering. The stretching could be from that or it's part of the pheno. I think it will take a little longer to finish but I don't see it being a big issue or even that much longer. Hard to say about yield you will have to compare if you have cuttings and plan to run again.

I've screwed up many plants in my day. Just look at my Ortega vs nl thread (shameless plug lol) Finding, admitting, and correcting mistakes are going to constantly happen during your growing. The fact you showed everyone says alot about you.
I have no doubt these will turn out just fine for you.


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51 days of 12/12

Resinfinger, thanks for the words of encouragement...very much appreciated

So, its sunday again,great day of sport

Had a great ride this morning (roadbike) in a very lumpy part of Yorkshire/Lancs
about 30 miles.Very windy but I was totally focused and didnt shy away from
tough routes

Got back and watched the British GP Well done Mark Webber!!

Then watched the Tour in the Alps:eek: Well done Cadel Evans, Great day for Australia. Evans rode himself into Yellow He is one tough Mother!!

And next its the Final , Hop Holland!!!! Come on you Flatlanders:D:D;)

Anyhooo, took somemore pics and things seem to be moving a little more with plants other than my two fave girls, so worries about retarded growth due to a light disruption mentioned earlier seem to be unfounded

Fan leafs seem to be yellowing a bit with some girls . Is this a symptom of
food deficiency? (dont have a ec meter so a bit in the dark as what quantitys to feed them, Just giving them plenty)

Hope you all like the pics:)



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Hey Catalyst cheers mate,hope they inspire ya;)
I can get another grow in before winter sets in and my house becomes like a fridge again. It will be either BW or La Nina. After that Ill take a little break till spring 2011 comes around

Hi Sensi13 must point out that LEDS were only used for vegging on these girls
but it does a great job. 400w HPS used for flowering

As mentioned, since the light issue was sorted things seem to be improving nicely, and yeah no Hermans!! Cant really see why anybody would grow anything other than Shantis genetics.
Unfortunately no cuttings have been taken so kicking myself a bit but just learning how to grow these thing at the mo.Next time:rolleyes:

Thanks for poping in folks Peace:)


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58 Days 12/12

Hi Everyone, well its Sunday so got jiggy with the camera and am pleased with how its going for the most part
Gave the girls names today

Head Girl. She is leading the charge
Topped. She is quick like Headgirl but squat (cos of topping)
Rival. Standing at about 5ft 7in she is starting to rival Headgirl for production but is slower
Supercropped. The main cola was pinched and bent. Lying near horizontal, see how the side buds have thickend up
Quiet At The Back. Slowly without really noticing she is putting on the weight
Ball OF Confusion Very small bud sites but is frosting nicely
One Time Shortie. Again, small bud sites rather slow to mature

Now on the subject of time left I know they dont run to a schedule but what are peoples thoughts about stopping feeding? Slightly too early?

Would it be better to think of the girls as 50 days (approx) of flower giving me maybe another 20 days for the faster girls and maybe another 30 to 35 days for the slower finishers

Too early to stop feeding? Your thoights on the matter would be very welcome

Well, hope were all safe and happy, hope you enjoy the pics.Peace:)



Billy Liar

Hi amathystbuddah,
Some really nice flowers, interested to see when these finish up, just read the strain description for these and says 8-10 weeks. which is nice to know as your plants show the potential for some real yield... And 50% Haze???
just the kind of thread that sells seeds:D
good luck and happiness coming your way..