Difference between SSH and NHS?


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Can somebody post the parents of SSH versus NHS?
Are the mothers and fathers different or is there a NL and a NL5?
What is difference between NL and NL5 if that’s what is different?
My state just legalized medical cannabis and I am thinking of trying out my NHS beans.
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Simplest way to explain is that NHS is Skunk Dominant so its a shorter flowering than SSH which is Haze dominant.

If your like me and never grown a long flowering Sativa, then the NHS is a better one to start with.

I have started with the Skunky Strains from MNS and working my way up to the HAZE God strains.

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NL5, Haze and Skunk are (supposedly) the same parents of Jack Herer and NHS. I am growing JH this year and it is already smelling skunky. Far more than SSH. I never grew NHS so I cannot say how they compare.