Default will sticking plants in car boot wreck them?


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Hello everyone,,,
I had my plants drying in the cupboard for about a week, but had to move them into the boot of my car for a few days as i had a rent inspection...

I put them in garbage bags and the boot was dark. They sat in the boot for about 3 days, now they are hanging in the cupboard. Thy'll stay hanging in the cupboard for aboutanother 10 days. It's cold now in boganville Down Under, but I got the central heating warming up the room they're in to about 18C. There's no humidity in Victoria for those that know Southern Oz!

Will this movement wreck me buds and affect their potency?
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There’s humidity in Victoria when you wrap something in plastic. Lol.. ok 👌 b boot, not with plastic. Hopefully they didn’t go moldy on you.. did you cough noticeably more when smoking or start to notice your lungs?


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Yea wrapping them in plastic will kill any good taste or smell they might have had unless they were completely dried out already.
The temp really isn't important when drying, the humidity is.
I've had very good experiences drying buds out when it's below freezing temp, very low humidity when it's cold out.
I've yet to try but have heard of a person that swore drying fresh bud by freezing was the best way...someday....hrmm, have a fresh bud let you know in a few days :)


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I’ve had fresh bud in freezer for over year. Hmmmm... was for hash but Grail widow doesn’t let go of her trichs..