Confused about who really has which skunk #1


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i agree with that

but for me it's come from the skunk (the animal) for the smell

Rat/Skunkman took the original RKS to the Netherlands, and bred the RKS out of it.

Original RKS Skunk was bred by Uncle Fester Hells Angels Local 81 Club in San Frisco Bay area starting in the 60s on the FARM. Its well known, and undisputed.

Local 18 is the Frisco chapter of the Hells Angels. Whether you want to believe it or not is up to you, as it makes no rats ass to me. I got 8 packs of it, and will grow it out in several months.

But the genes are undisputed, and all of the Nor Cal Community knows these are real, as they have about ridden Uncle Festers Nephew of of the business on a rail...

Master Thai, who really has some other killer genes, is rich, and was well respected, started ripping people off, and cheating them.

So U Mello, at.. The Nature Farm Genetic Called Master Thai Out, also has the Original Genes, and Did Release Them, and didn't charge arms and legs for them.

But the original Skunk genes that were brought to Holland by Wratson, were STOLEN out of the garbage cans, and possibly some given to him by the cops/DEA left after they busted Sacred Seeds. Sacred Seeds started in the 40s.

They also supposedly left plants with root balls still intact.

GMO Cannabis Watch: High Times, (DEA) Operation Green Merchant & the Cannabis Cup
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Yeah, cops are generally not the brightest bulbs on a Christmas tree. They have attempted to flip at least 3 people on me. As well as 2 possible under cover cops. But at the same time you have a lot of stupid criminals too, like the 3 people I personally know are informants because while they failed to get me, they did however succeed on getting others pinched.

The DEA is a little better at their job though. They flipped El Chapo, of course he could be dumber than Al Capone was. Of course you question someone like El Chapo's loyalty, you will end up in a barrel of acid, just how the cartels work. Capone did his time like a man. El Chapo did not. Clearly you don't need to be smart to become a king pin, just ruthless Capone was ruthless, but solid. El Chapo was ruthless too, but an informant.

Not sure how smart El Chapo was, but Capone had an IQ of 85 which is average, of course he fucked up keeping records and nobody knew much about tax evasion back then.

The DEA is probably not that smart they work through informants.
How do we know that is the real chapo? I didnt do a dna test. Did you? He's had plastic surgery who knows how many times! Hell no they got the real one, FUCK NO! lol

He was working for the cia along with all the rest of the cartels....i wouldn't waste my time believing the gov or the fucking media....guy got away how many times? Do you think he would be dumb enough yo be fooled by a chick and sean penn? If it were the real chapo, they would be dead...especially penn! Gtfo!?! Just my .02....don't mean shit...but, i can say i am not a sheep nor am i stupid.....when was the last time the gov/media told the truth? The shuttle launches come to mind.....