Colder weather strains?


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I have noticed some strains simply don’t like lower temperatures or low RH.
During winter months I think other than fight colder temperatures just to find a strain that likes colder temperatures.
I’ve read Hindu Kush grows in mountains where cold nights are common.

Anyway is there any MNS strains that thrive in colder weather and lower humidity?

Tom bolenate

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I think you're on the right track with hindu kush based genetics.
I had great success outdoor with masterkushskunk from mister nice.
Very hardy plant with good resistance to cold.
It's also a strain with very "woody" branches that makes her self supporting.
The finished product is also excellent imo.

You may also have a look to Himalayan genetics (Nepal, North India, bouthan....). Never grown them personally but they are known to be very hardy plant also....

Anyway none of them can be grown during winter in temperate climate.... They can stand a bad fall season but will die during a real winter.
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... Anyway is there any MNS strains that thrive in colder weather and lower humidity?
Tom makes a good case for MNS MasterKushSkunk. I agree and wonder how MNS Ortega would do. It has a short grow period afterall.



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I just happened to have some week old MKS seedlings and some Shit seedlings also.
I have noticed CS is very robust to many conditions and I’ll try running a few cuttings from some 7-8 week finishers with some fruity/berry aromas.

Even indoors the winter months can make keeping RH and temperature in a good VPD range takes enjoyment out of hobby.

I have thought about running autos during winter because if a cold front hits I can leave lights for heat or even run them constantly if needed.
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