Canberra Australia passes bill to legalise cannabis


Here's an update on the cloudy situation in Canberra. The cops are only seizing Cannabis from kids under 18yrs old or commercial grow ops. A friend of mine walked into a police raid a few weeks back and wasn't allowed to leave without being searched, she told them she had a bag of pot and they said it was fine because it's legal now and let her leave with 3oz of buds.....34g over the legal limit for personal use.


Congrats, SunDog, and to all other Aussies who can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It's only legal if you grow 2 plants outdoors (non hydro and none under lights) for rippers and don't harvest them because then you become a criminal for possessing too much weight. Dumbest arsed laws in the history of prohibition and set up to fail while creating a false sense of security that will put growers before the courts even though they thought what they were doing was legal.