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I always wondered why Eric Clapton was called 'Slowhand' as there was nothing slow about his playing. I just looked it up!

"The English audiences would wait out the delay by doing what is called a "slow handclap". Clapton's nickname of "Slowhand" came from Giorgio Gomelsky, a pun on the slow handclapping that ensued when Clapton stopped playing while he replaced a string."

Clapton told his official biographer, Ray Coleman, in the mid-80s that “My nickname of 'Slowhand' came from Giorgio Gomelsky. He coined it as a good pun. He kept saying I was a fast player, so he put together the slow handclap phrase into 'Slowhand' as a play on words.”




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The way every guitarist wishes he could play (myself included) he makes it look so easy.
There's 2 songs back to back, be sure to see the 2nd.


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Last one.
A friend of mine, not a close friend, but I've played with him a few times.
Just him tinkering about at home with a new EVH amp.
I call him Gary Slowy...heh, it really doesn't fit, and he doesn't like it....maybe that's why we're not that close of friends :)