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The rosebud looks nice. I wonder what that is? Here is a ?blueberry kush? x ? bagseed I grew from my first grow I called the garden of seeden. It smelled like a box of captain crunch berries and produced kind of a green color trichomes. It was a 17 week indica fully seeded but damn was it ever potent and tasty. I burnt it up somehow like I always do but the thrichomes on the leafs seemed to stop the burn in its tracks somehow? At least it will live on in the form of few hundred seeds.9B0E8A7E-5897-4746-9C1D-C812CFFF8F6E.jpeg42E3444E-1642-4AF8-BF94-EFA1C2453E04.jpeg


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Master Kush

Peek-A-Boo, ya phuck, I see you!

Sneaky bastages! Can't watch your plants close enough! Never saw him move in and set up shop! No more shops for him!!!

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Have smoked it yet, but still not ready. 2046 Medical Seeds. It could've been better, but it also could've been a lot worse lol. I pollinated one bud with Malawi from Ace Seeds.
She's a bit cold as it is freezing and I am cheapskating on energy. She can take it.
grab one of the mushroom grow logs and toss it in there! 15 bucks on etsy, free co2 blanket for the plants, and delicious oyster mushrooms.