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What's the best order you received from here?
I just got a package delivered, couldn't remember the exact auction wins, as I was really only waiting on the Holy Grail. The others were to add to collection or top up on what was getting low..
Best one yet. If only I had of waited on the master kush skunk I got last order and had it in this one, would have made it the Grail order, lol . I'm so impressed with the order I had to share, lol.
Holy Grail
Neville's haze
G13 haze
G13 skunk
Critical skunk
Nl5 skunk
What's yours?


Cleaning auctions from way back when are pretty hard to top, but likely a thing of the past (Not seen one in a while). Amazing whilst it lasted

Didn't see "holy grail" i imagine it's a new strain - I'll keep a eye on the auction. @Growstone keep a eye out cleaning auctions if they ever return it's seed that's maybe greenish (Slightly Unripe) that's not fit for packaging but you can get batches of 60-100.

Germination has always been very high and consistent from the cleaning packs also
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Hey masey, yeah hard to beat the clearing packs for value.. I've got a couple that I won few years ago. I don't think you'll see the trails etc in the auctions, I could be wrong but I think there was only a limited amount made of each strain, maybe hundred packets of each..ight need to either check the buy nows or wait untill restocked.


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Did someone say cleanings! Here’s a few back in 2015-16.

Afghan Haze
Mango Haze
Mango Haze IBL
Master Kaze
Medicine Man
Neville’s Haze

Some packs were $35. Cost is approx 43¢ cents/seed. So far >92% germination with these seeds. Excellent value found nowhere else.



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I wiil post, how i stocked in one year.

You would be surprised :)
Buy Now
  • 2x Black Widow
  • ASH
Spring clearance pack
  • Skunk Haze (1g)
Auctions win
  • Shit
  • Shark Shock
  • Early Skunk
  • Critical Skunk
  • Early Queen
  • Ortega
  • Critical Mass
  • Devil
  • NL5 A
  • 2x Nordle
  • Spice
  • MedMan
  • MKS
  • G13 W
  • M Kaze
  • NHS
  • Early Skunk Haze
  • Super Silver Haze
  • Angel Heart
  • La Niňa
  • G13 H
  • Critical Haze
  • The Stones
  • Angel Breath
  • Holy Smoke
  • Neville´s Haze

Everything in just 5 orders X)

Best order! - no one was ordering, I could not just let it stand there ;)

Spice - €12.50
Neville's Haze - €13.00
The Stones - €12.50
Shark Shock - €19.25
G13 x Haze - €13.50
N.H.S. - €12.50
Early Skunk Haze - €12.50
Early Queen - €12.50
G13 x Widow - €12.50
La Niña - €21.49
Critical Skunk - €12.75
Critical Mass - €20.25
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I've paid between $30-$50 each for mango haze Neville's haze super silver haze and la Nina. I've also pick up the same strains except ssh for opening price, $12 & $12.50


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Still in the full moon of August , I find myself wrestling with insomnia. I decided to check out the site. Holy s*t I just realized that out of 47 MNS listed strains excluding the CBD offerings, P3Ci has accumulated 29 of them! I thought I had alot at 26. I would have to count my CBD collection of 3 just to get to his numbers. What a feat P3Ci. I just changed my like to a love on your post brah. Congratulations!



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Somebody say value for money and addictive.. does the value go down as addiction goes up? Nope, you accumulate what you want.. then shanti releases something new lmfao. But that’s welcomed..

43 here.. also a lot of numerous packets of same strain (not counting how many packets) but 43 single strains.. Should keep me amused for next 30 years..


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Kinda like stamp collecting haha. Nice NICE! What's on the top of the list for next season?



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Kinda like stamp collecting haha. Nice NICE! What's on the top of the list for next season?

I need to finish out my quest for Haze AC.
Thou holy series is on my horizon. And rumours of a Shark Shock x AC :sneaky:

My problem is seeing the regulars go so low at auction. As a result I have some multiples of four and a lot thrice, doubles abound. One day I want to try a side by side of some old stock and current. Like some of my freezer stock of old NL5xAfghan or G13Widow or Angel's Breathe to a new pack. Just to see how much, if any change has occurred.

Then shanti takes a trip and comes out with something new. The journey continues. No problem, we have the fountain of youth. ⛲