Anyone else throttles timing?

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Hey everyone.
The textbook standard is 18/6 timing for vegging, and 12/12 for blooming.
With 11/13 for some late sativa (12+week flower cylce) maybe dropping to 10/14 to finish a stubborn girl.
Some people even recommend 8/16 in late stage to up resin development, or for really long season plants to stop reflowering.

DJ Short reckons 18/6 12/12 is far from best timing to use for modern hybrids, and recommends initiating flower with a longer than 12 hour day length.

I was running a large amount of nordle a couple of years back, and really stretching my power bill, so ran a 15/9 veg cycle, when I flipped, rather than take two weeks to show (it was a 60+ seed run for selection) they started to flower after only 5-6 days.
So I decided to play around with DJ's advice.

I found a 22/2-20/4 veg with quick hybrids (-/+8 week bloom) to work well, and combined the indica and sativa flower cycle techniques, and now initiate at 13/11 go to 12.5/11.5-12/12-11.5/12.5 and end on a 11/13 cycle. (This averages 12/12 for power bill)
It seems like a lot of dicking around, but changing the settings on the timer every 10 days is hardly a tonne of work.

Does anyone else regularly use customised timing regime?
And what is the flower and cycle that you have worked out?

## my logic behind sliding is, the longer days at start gives 8% more energy to increase the stretch of not overly tall plants, but more importantly maximises flower site production.
The reduced hours later in cycle stops foxtailing and max out resin production.
The whole cycle still averages 12/12 so just using the energy at preferred time of the bloom. It is more like nature as well, obviously.

I'm going to select a 10 week bloom, 4 week stretch strawberry flavoured shit skunk soon, so I'll see how throttling goes after a 4 day 22/2 veg cycle 🙏🤞
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I veg at 21-3 and flower 11-13.. that’s through laziness, just left timers alone. Except when they stop working and I reset new one to same..
If I was to do a reduced lighting, I’d bring the sun up gradually later in morning. After 8 weeks I’d take the increments off of the evening..


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Funny you bring this up, I was just thinking about giving a half hour more of light after the stretch finishes.
With outdoor I've forced the flip by light deprivation, same kinda concept. Extending the bulking up period..


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I used to play around with it, but I run almost all sativa dominant, or actual sativas, plus I run LEDs with really high PAR values so I have been running 10/14 for a few years now. It works really well for me.


I find hazes and sativas tend to like longer dark time when flowering. I used to run my veg at 24 hours of light but found the plants really need some time to rest. So I have lights off for at least 4 hours a day during veg and the plants seem stronger.