Any info on Early Pearl x Sk Haze


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Hey everyone

I'm a bit confused about whether Early Pearl x Sk Haze (Shantibaba Limited Release) is the same as Early Skunk Haze (on the Mr. Nice Seeds strain description) and the same as Early Queen x Haze (Hempy's grow).:confused:

Are these different variations from similar parent lines?

I ask because I've just ordered some Early Pearl x Sk Haze (Shantibaba Limited Release) as I'm looking for a haze strain that won't stretch too much.

Any info or grow/smoke reports etc would be much appreciated. Oh - and pictures - I'd love to see your pictures.




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Hey there,

Yeah they are all the same hybrid i do believe just named slightly differently on some sights. Shanti did tell me the genetic makeup but i cant remember the exact formula, the (EPxSK)x(HZ) i thinks thats the cross, had me baked!! EQ being the EPxSK side (EPxEGxSS)

I thinks thats the cross, but could be wrong, Shanti shall correct me.

But in answer to your Q, there is only one EQ or EP x HZ line available, so don't worry your hazes shouldn't be reaching for the gods!


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Nice one Herbalizor

Thanks for the reassurance mate! Glad to hear they're all the same strain.

I think I may have smoked EP x HZ in the Dam last year. I can't quite remember (it was a good holiday:D ) but I bought a very tasty haze cross in Katsu.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to growing this one in a couple of months. Reading around (especially ur grows on hg420 Herb;) ), Mr. Nice seeds is what I want in my garden and this looks like a good place to gain experience growing haze hybrids.

i jus got some of these beans
will do a full report with pics

any1 with any grow info about this strain
gis a heads up

all the best
happy smokin
mr toothless

p.s how kool r the new packets happy days thats the way forward shanti