After Nevil's pasing, Sam weighs in


Hello guys, how y'all doing? Hey Wisp no worries I didn't feel like you were ranting at me.

The whole "cannabis icons" wagon is linked, some of them are really aware about what is going on and stay very far from it, there are clearly big forces playing in the back field claiming their piece of the cake. We all know Watson and High Times were good friends, how in the heck Arjan became the king of cannabis in a blink of an eye, out of nowhere? Claiming it worldwide on a High Times cover. I've lost track of the document in question but I remember reading somewhere that mr. Watson had his personal squad in order to collect landraces worldwide and spread bad genes in rural genetics in order to have and mantain the only and real landrace. Could be Stains Hunters? Arjan is a narcissist business man, Franco came from SIMM and he was doing very fine there with James Burton unless Franco joined StrainsHunters/GH. Franco also was in contact with many gov departments all over the world, mainly in Africa, as a sourceman to prepare and shape laws for the future legalizations. Thank god we came to an era where the final patient/costumer is the focus and not to chase strains all over the world also risking your life, its fine to claim strains paternity but at the end of the day, ego and selfishness will destroy the eventual good work. Nobody want to deal with mercenary egocentic sharks no more


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If money's your big thing, that's easy and fine imo.
It's when you've got other ideological motivation, that's when shit gets deep..
I can imagine someone that despises the plant or the people associated with it
coming up with ideas far more nefarious then just greed.