Advice for buying a rosin press.

Tom bolenate

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I'm planning to buy a rosin press as I'm more and more into concentrates lately.
Usually I make my oil with grain alcool, but alcool is hard to get and expensive where I live... I don't want to use butane or other potentially dangerous solvent that need a vaccum chamber for purging.
So I'm planning to buy a rosin press.
Found this one which look decent and affordable :

What you guys who are familiar with rosin making think about it or do you have a model to advice?
I précise than I can't afford a 5000usd nug smasher press.....


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Hello Tom!

The few reviews on it are not that good! A Nugsmasher Mini is not much more money. A friend uses a 20USD hair curler with great success, however, he is saving up for a multi-ton press!

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