A friend in need

The Flea

Hi MNS family,
A close friend sent me some pictures of a few plants he has that are struggling at the minute. Looking at the images I'm thinking it could be a pH issue.
Any input would be greatly valued.


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Hard to tell from the pictures and not knowing the circumstances etc..
Maybe they are being over watered?
They both look smaller than their siblings, Probably don't have as many roots and are not drinking nearly as much water.
If they are being watered the same as the rest they may be drowning.

Elmer Bud

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Take a bucket of water , submerge the plants till the soil is saturated .
Shake off the soil . Take the plant to the shower stall and wash off the remaining dirt from the root ball .

Replant in perlite . Feed 1/ 2 strength nutes till plenty of new growth . Never use that brand of potting soil again .

Thanks for sharin

EB .

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Looks like too much fertilizer or heat burn to me. Fertilizer burn is typically expressed as leaf tip burning like that. Salt burn can also do that.

The Flea

Many thanks for all the suggestions.
In the old days I could have walked around to my friends house, nowadays the best we can get is skype. Pictures are never quite enough and can never beat actually being on the ground.
Anyway, I suggested he re-pot into a soil mix that is suitable for cannabis which he did pretty much straight away. This morning he emailed to say everything already looks a lot better.
I will try and get a few images later in the week and share the progress with you.
Hopefully it is a problem solved.
Many thanks,