A few thoughts on curing...


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I use glass jars for curing. Has anyone tried plastic (bigger) containers and what was your experience with these?
I am literally trash. I use coolers to store branches w/ 62% boveda packs until I can debud It and run it through the trim bag. no complaints yet. I am even thinking of getting a bowl trimmer for the leafier varieties. I basically have left plants on branch w/ non gross fan leaves for like a month while popping lids and flipping the pile. as long as it doesn't drop below 55% humidity, or go above 62, and has air flow and oxygenation periods it works real good.
how do you slow down the drying process? Placing the weed in paper bags? Or is needed a humidifier?
While on the rack, timers, intake fans, exhaust fans pots of water on seedling heat mats. Food coolers, and boveda packs!!!! 62, 52, 49. once branched debudded, and cured.


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In my opinion if I am growing for my own stash, I will cut the entire plant with shade leaves and all and hang for 6weeks to 3 months in cool room with dry air, so btn 12-18C range and humidity 35%-55%....as a whole plant with the shade leaves you will see the plant dries slower and cures until the chlorophyll breaks down on the plant. I then cut and clean the buds as i need them so aging it still further on the whole plant. It takes up room and is cumbersome at times I know but for those special girls it still seems to be the best method imo. All the best Sb


Thanks for the input. Curing is an art and trial and error is the best teacher. I have learned that hanging the entire plant is the way to go, time wise I haven't gone out more than two weeks. Humidity controlled around 50% and 15-20 degrees C.
When I first started growing I had some mighty Indica Bagseed that would grow Fan leaves as big as your hand and buds 25-30 cm. Was it good? Not really, but it got you high. Why? Well I was growing it in 30-40 C under a dual 125 watt fluorescent.
When I 'discovered' MNS and went to Sodium Lights to bud, my first batch had a 4 La Nina's and I was lucky to get a psychedelic pheno that I had for about 3 years (mother/clone). It was around the time Nevil was around and the haters had yet to move into the Forum. I friended an experienced grower and as we communicated I would tell them I was having issues with my cure. I described in detail what I was doing and, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, there was one piece missing and I couldn't figure it out. When my weed mentor said to add this one step I had a sure cure method and discovered there is only one direction for moisture to get into the buds. Once a grower figures this out, they will have a consistent stash.
I would also like to add that what your end product is can only be of the quality of the seed/cutting that you start with. Growing is a journey that teaches those willing to learn.
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Agree with SB. Slow dry/cure. Most of the the Back Door Man that was harvested at the beginning of November 2020 is still hanging in the extra bedroom, dehumidifier initially on and off and at 64 degrees. I find it easier to trim while hanging. I lay a tarp down and cut off the fan leaves just before I begin the final trimming and bottling. Cutting off of the plant what I will smoke that day, it has not taken away from fragrance or taste. Potent as hell, comes on the frontal lobe like Ravel's Bolero, increasing in intensity according to time. The seeds within these seeded plants have also had an opportunity to cure in a good way using this method but you do need the room.