A few thoughts on curing...


I see from time to time people complaining about poor varieties - something like "I grew a whole pack of Nevil's Haze and it was all hay".

In that particular example, having grown it myself, I know they're either:

1). just trolling and have never grown it in the first place
2). have poor growing skills and perhaps not set up right for long flowering varieties
3). haven't cured it properly before passing judgement

It's the third one that makes me concerned that people who have grown it quite well might cull clones or give the weed away before realizing it's full potential. Some plants seem to cure much quicker than others and in my experience it seems to correlate somewhat to length of flowering time (longer to flower, longer to cure and vice versa). I've had varieties that have taken 2 months to show reasonable improvement from curing and 3 months or more before reaching their potential.

If you're trying a new plant, do yourself a favour (and the plant) and give it a lengthy cure before making any decisions about it...you may be pleasantly surprised sometimes.


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good point!

I break it down to 50% genetics, 25% environment and 25% dry/cure.
That being said, having MrNice seeds already takes you into next level.
Even with sub par environment and cure will still leave you with product
more effective then a bastardized seed grown in optimal conditions.

From my experience, plants that like it dry while alive also like a dry curing
and vice versa. The 5-10% humidity differential might seem like only numbers
to us but to the plant it's huge.

The hanging stage is crucial imo, vapor displacement rate should be relatively low!


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Excellent points Mark. Oftentimes braddahs and sistahs bottle too early without sufficient drying time. And once bottled, those delicate sativas need a good long cure to rid them of excess chlorophyll which colors their bouquet. The cure is so often overlooked and its importance cannot be emphasized enough. Thanks for reminding us.



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I had a batch of Afg Haze that appeared subpar to some NL5xHaze some years back. I even made an ass out myself suggesting that the AH didn't rate. After more cure time, the stuff turned out to be astounding both in flavor and esp. effect and taught me a lot about shootin my mouth off before a good, solid cure. I'm a believer.


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....scanning electron microscope. It's from buddha seeds spain. I think they are breeding triploids and I'm guessing they're using the microscope to identify the mutatos.
More triploid breedoing for sterile seeds? Monsanto style caca... farking triploids. Regular seeds are gonna be a thing of the past. Autos, fems and triploids, oh my! Buy your seeds from us, each and every year folks! Keep the money coming in... we control what you can grow and smoke. Canuk style.


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just kidding. I wish it was that easy
So do I!
Didn't think they had come up with tech like that on an iPhone šŸ˜‚
Amazing images.
Hey Bigsur ...have you seen the pic Ed Rosenthal has been posting, Triple headed Trichome, looks like a crested Trichome if you can imagine that.
Freaky shit man, never seen it before


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I use glass jars for curing. Has anyone tried plastic (bigger) containers and what was your experience with these?


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I think if you screw up the drying then all the curing in the world can not bring the dead back to life.

A friend and I grow decent size plants outdoors. He likes to have his cut down and completely bone dry and brittle within 72 hours! WTF! When he puts them in jars they are at 32% RH. He then puts humidifers in the jars to bring the RH up! WTF!

I tell him when water leaves a plant too fast it pulls terpenes, molecues, and who knows what else with it. Like a flood can pull cars along. Once lost, never regained. I try to tell him the humidifiers only replace lost water, they cannot replace lost terpenes, etc. Source: Me

We generally grow the same strains from the same batch of seeds and it drives him nuts that my medicine is always better than his in every way. He has more expierence growing than me so his plants always look better than mine but his final product is always harsh, tasteless, and not too strong. He will not take advice from anyone on any subject as he knows more about everything than anyone who has ever lived. And no, his name is not Trump. Not even a relative! ha ha

Assuming you can grow, it's all in the dry and cure.



how do you slow down the drying process? Placing the weed in paper bags? Or is needed a humidifier?