A few cured shots


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I had only one female and messed up by not getting any cuttings. Very strong marijuana with "hybrid buzz" and a "hybrid growth pattern". It is right down the middle on looks and effect and I can't wait to grow more.

It is in the same class as my La Nina and SSH when we are talking quality and power.



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Here is a bit of a smoke report from another thread. I am quoting the whole thing - nothing new if ya read it. I will write up a new one now that it has sat a while. I will wait until I have nothing else in me . it is pretty hard to do anything on this stuff though, even something as easy as typing up what you are feeling will seem like an impossible task. You will forget what you were doing at least 7 times.

I am pretty sure I will have to do it on memory. I'll Try and take notes .


edit - just smoked a bit. This stuff is strong. I think that every time I smoke it still. It really is top of the line - a legend in the making, if you will. I am going off of just one female. The odds of the one I got and didn't clone being that 1 in 1,000,000 are quite small. It is funny to watch people try and do things after they overindulged - they often end up staring off perplexed trying to figure out what they were doing. Hell, it has taken me a while to write this edit.

You can't hide it when you have smoked this stuff. You look stoned. You act stoned. Everything is funny but you will look like a fool so it isn't the stuff to smoke around people you don't want knowing you smoke.

Went at met some friends at the brewery and to dump a couple CM males on them and we smoked a cigarette size joint between 3 of us of the tops I let go longer. We rode around the country roads and had a blast. This herb gets me high like when I was a teenager smoking hick weed driving around the mountains.

During the initial faze of the high it is confused and a bit lacking in basic motor skills, or maybe it is you forget what you are doing and fumble whatever it is you may be holding.

It is strong and cuts through anything else I may of smoked before it and makes a lot of stuff seem less than stellar when they have to follow the Nev's Skunk.

The stuff that went 10 - 12 days longer is so much stronger it is impressive.

I love this plant! I hope to hell I get it to reveg! I never got cuttings from this due to it struggling so much in veg ..... clone everything!

The people I met today are a couple and her whole family has grown her whole life and her boyfriend does -she has seen a lot of grass. Her pops is the dude I got some of Shanti's work from the early/mid 90's from. Anyways, she told me today (for the 3rd time) this is the best she has had of any of my plants she has tried and in the top 5 she has had in her life. That is huge considering the menu of genetics including DJ's Blueberry, a bunch of the hyped Cali clones, SSH from '95ish, White Rhino from Shanti's GH days, etc. I hooked them up with a 1/4 and you would of thought I gave them each a handjob to go with it.

I can't wait to have my moms worked out so I can concentrate on a good size sample of these.

I hope to find a nice Nev's pheno but I really dig what seems to me like a nice right down the middle hybrid. It fucks you up and you are quite content sitting on your ass but don't expect to be napping with your wheels turning that fast, even if they are just spinning in place.

I only popped 4 of these seeds and had just one female - I fear I may have found "the one" in the pack. I sure do hope it comes back or even better, this is just an average plant for this hybrid.

It may seem silly to make such a fuss after trying only 1 plant but this is that bitch. I have 13 other types including 3 of SSH, 2 La Nina, Blueberry, etc and this is all I am hitting. I may take a hit or 2 of the other strains but on my days off I can't think of anything more perfect. Movies, music, Howard Stern's Mastertape Theater - they are all better. I am content sitting on my ass sleep is the furthest thing on my mind. It doesn't kill motivation but you will look like a fool out in public if you over do it and don't give the initial high time to wear off.

Anyways - I am going to smoke more. Wish ya'll could try some.
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You can't hide it when you have smoked this stuff. You look stoned. You act stoned. Everything is funny but you will look like a fool so it isn't the stuff to smoke around people you don't want knowing you smoke.
Sounds great smoke, thanks for sharing :)


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I broke into this stuff again today after a 3 month cure and a couple months away from it.

Well, it is even better than I remembered and with the cure it is sooooo smooth. I can"t really describe the cured smell other than to say "earthy and pleasant".

I just took 3 bowl hits of her after 7 Stellas for the sole purpose of givin y'all a bit of a smoke report-

I don't suggest drinking seven of anything and smoking this shit and going out in public, I am ripped and there is no way I am going back to the bar. I have been smoking some killer shit, all plants that have been chosen as keepers, and this stuff cuts through everything. I didn't get a cut due to issues and it hurts me so bad . Ha

The high is energized, trippy, yet my arms and legs feel heavy. My brain is going though I can remain focused. The thought of having to talk to people who aren't high is enough to discourage me from leaving the house and being content with what I have here.

Lights look sparkly,I feel content though I feel I could be really creative with a guitar, a pen, and a paper or inspired with a drum. Things just feel right. I do find myself getting lost in thought and easily distracted from writing this.

It is really powerful marijuana. It is way to strong to bust out on a rookie. It is too strong for a seasoned smoker to use in public if they need to communicate with people they don't want to know they are high .... or math.

I swore I was done popping seeds for a bit but man, I have ten or twelve more seeds of the Nev's Skunk left. I am hoping this is an average plant for this strain and the best is yet to come.

If anyone is on the fence for something new, I suggest you try this strain. It is so strong. A few hits get me higher than a joint of my best herbs. Too high for most situations but fantastic for melting into your recliner when you have a few hours to blow.


Real good job with this Ronin, I wouldnt expect anything less from a line called Nevs Skunk than something too strong for most situations ha~ She is a real beaut alright, there is a certain appeal to her that is quite striking I must say. Looks like another champ from the MNS camp.

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on a scale of 1 to 10 ten being the best pot you ever smoked what would you give it?

Awesome job ronin, neville's skunk looks tops notch!


Great report there m8.....Made me want go light one up straight away:D


thanks for that great report

definetly lov to taste her,nice pics brotha

id love to hear more about taste/aromas wen you hav better judgment or more experience with her



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Hey there guys,

It is always fun to read what ya wrote when fucked up.

I am glad y'all enjoyed it. I sure do hope some of you heads take the time to explore this strain. I am thinking of cracking 5 or 6 today but I am already so overloaded with working on the second and third rounds of clones for the final selection of my mothers that I may not be able to grow them to their potential. Already setting up another flowering room to work through the candidates. I am pretty sure I have chosen what is staying around but I have to give a few of them another chance, ya dig?

Sucks we have to limit ourselves when searching for meds but thems the breaks.

Gert, I give this plant a solid "9" as far as potency, quality of the high and, the length of the buzz. It is as good as anything out there and better than most. And from what others have done with her, she can be quite the yielder.

BigH, the smell and taste have both mellowed with the cure. It has a sweet Earthy aroma with real subtle Skunk undertones that were more prevalent before the cure but still come out when it is pinched and on the green hits. It smells and tastes great. It is not so "in your face" like when it is fresh.

Shanti hit this one out of the park and the tip of the hat to Neville is appropriate as I feel this strain will be an important one.

Peace and love,my brothers and sisters.

Getcha some Nev's Skunk and call it a day.


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Nice smoke report Ronin....:) This mix of genes with Nevilles Skunk sounds Nice. I hope you find another pheno like the one spoken about. Just maybe? you will get her again. nice job,and thanks for your time. resinbud,;)