90s NL5 x Haze USA Version. AKA. The Cough

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Sounds a lot like positronics haze. Also the same haze Nirvana used in the early days..

But This is Haze 19 and that's haze 17, so It must be different.

This was also positronics haze:

Positronics haze was incredible, I made 100's seeds but stored them improperly in a storage unit for many years :(


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While they only speculate, they say its thought to have come from SSSC.

Known for it's phlegm-inducing thick smoke and its heady, spacey effect, the Colorado Cough (or Ft. Collins Cough, or simply "The Cough") is a very potent but not-so-tasty Sativa-dom strain.

Northern Lights #5 x Haze #17

Supposedly created by two female growers who attended Colorado State University in the 1990's, it's been a prized cut in Colorado for years, mostly because of its potency. The origin is thought to be an original Super Sativa Seed Club (pre-cursor to Sensi Seeds) NL #5 x Haze #17.

Also since it was in the 90s, it could have come from Sensi.


Haze #17?

Seems NL #5-dominant with a blend of earthy smells such as soil, vegetation, and a hint of citrus.

Earthy and piney, there is again a hint of bitter citrus in the background — overall it's hashy and earthy with a very thick smoke that tickles the throat.

Known to be a bit of a 'creeper', it takes a few minutes to kick in — but once it does, it's a Sativa-dom head slam that will leave you staring at the wall in no time. Coming along with the Hazy mental state is a buzzing but relaxed body that eases many daily aches and pains. As it progresses, it takes on more of an Indica profile, with a strong couchlock tendency and a mental state that can easily lead into sleep. It's a long-laster as well, always approaching or passing the 3 hour mark. Recommended for moderate to high-level patients who desire a relaxing Sativa with a rather strong body component.

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Responds well to training (LST and super-cropping) and topping, grows fairly tall and branchy and finishes with generous yields when properly grown.
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Is this saying that Positronics Haze is crossed with Skunk
I'm not sure.
I always figured Nirvana only had the Positronics female and used a male skunk then back crossed to the female plant.

Most plants had a pointier skunk-like bud structure.
Only one female Looked like it had no skunk @ all.
It looked like the this plant from Arco's Neville's haze thread:

And was the best I've ever had still to this day.

Actually that plant is solely responsible for me being here @ Mr Nice. It launched my love for haze :D

There was also an incredible male whose stem grew like a ribbon cable. It was like several stems, side by side, The whole stem was flat but wide. It grew like a vine and couldn't support itself very well.

Sorry if I'm sidetracking your thread 59lespaul :eek:


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Hey man, no apologies needed, and you are sidetracking nothing. I like the info, and the conversation. If you, or anyone else wants to post stuff. Feel free.

Be stupid ( IMHO ) to get mad at someone that posts really nice photos of some really good stuff with Hz genes.:)


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First hand knowledge from Ohio of all places!!

I was a deadhead in the Toledo area and my friends sister lived in the fort in the mid 90’s. We actually traded these seeds we also had a fire Nl5/haze seeds from around 95. This clone only is definitely an old sensi seed bank strain In Toledo we call it catpiss this strain was also around Athens Ohio. I literally show the seed pack myself. The story is just that a story. That being said all other reports are true very unique and strong flavor and aroma made every other weeds except four way taste like hay. First time I tasted it fell in love with taste very exotic eastern flavor. You always did cough on first hit. After that it was the strain of Fort Collins.


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I just bought several packs of Connosseur Genetics Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze. Some say its some of, if not the most potent of all the Haze hybrids. Im for sure going to find out. Ill give 2 buddies 2 packs each to search. 10-14 weeks flowering.

I already gave them Dominion Skunk, Granny Skunk, Local Skunk, and they kept all of the males for further testing. We also have the Sis Skunk, but haven't grown it yet.
We/my buddies plan on breeding the crap out of the SSSDH x Dominion gear. ALL of it. We will use both M/F from each strain, and see what makes the best pairing.

ALL of these Dominion strains use the Original SSSC Sk1 genes male x 89 Skelly cut..aka Puck. The Puck originally came from Nevils Hashplant, which was a cross of PNW Hashplant x NL1, and then a male was found, and backcrossed to the clone only PNW HP.
The best of the stuff weve found so far in these genetics is pure fire. The best of any of it will make you cough every hit, and is very long lasting and powerful.... Most enjoyable, and tasty stuff Ive had in a long, long time. Im 60, and some of my younger friends. 40-45 smoked it, and say its the best shit they've ever smoked. My ONLY complaint about it is that is not faster growing. They are all small, to medium size, with heavy center cola domination. Much of the size come from the Skelly. Some do get a bit bigger though.
The Local Skunk also has Skelly's Sister.. AKA Cuddlefish Hashplant. DD VA told me the cut came from a guy named Squidly..RIP
Local is. Original Diesel x ( Cuddlefish/Rez Sour Diesel IBL x Skelly/Sk1.
Also just ordered Dominion Skunkband, and Munson.

Skunkband is original Headband x Dominion Skunk. Which is Chem91 VA x Skelly/SSSC Sk1
Munson is 89 NL5 x Dominion Skunk.
All of this stuff will eventually get bred to the SSDH Males to begin with.. And would also like to equally do the opposite. Will use at least 5-8 males for genetic diversity. Or as many good ones as we have.
We will also breed it to our Hazeman/NDNguy 88 g13/HP keeper. The one we kept is very very very very similar to our Swami Blue Orca Haze pheno we also have, but the BOH is faster growing, bigger plant. BOH throws out HP type plants all day long. It also doesn't like humidity, but isn't as bad as the 88 G13/HP.

We also have several of the Dynasty Genetics Super Silver Cough in Veg, but buddy culled the more rangy types, of which I wouldn't have.
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Nice! Sounds like you,ve got some awesome genetics to play with! Would love to see the results of some of these crosses you have planned!


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Have a smoke report on the Super Silver Cough in several days.

It smells great, and is very sticky. REEKS of sour lemon, floral cat piss, and skunk.


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I'm in Denver this week, trying without success to find the Ft. Collins Cough. A dude on IG said he could hook me up but he's not responding to DMs now. Folks at dispensaries are clueless and only have Indica dom shit. If anyone knows where I can find this cut in CO please message me. Thanks.


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Same here. The last time in the CO area, seems like CA and OR now with mostly indie/og products with groovy names. Couldn’t find any classics like that. Maybe blowingupjake can help.



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I've found both selection and pricing to be much better in Trinidad Cololrado.
Ft. Collins flat out sux from what I experienced (every shop was selling bud at least 2-3 weeks from being ripe, might as well be green hay).

Best I've seen lately is SourOG (sour diesel x OG kush) and if you can still find the purple trainwreck grab it, no matter the cost, its sublime.


I just bought several packs of Connosseur Genetics Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze. Some say its some of, if not the most potent of all the Haze hybrids. Im for sure going to find out. Ill give 2 buddies 2 packs each to search. 10-14 weeks flowering.
The sssdh is good. The presence of Rez's Sour D does change things up a bit, so its not the most pure of haze expressions. Its like a parallel to Jack imho, which i think in my opinion held truer haze expressions in taste and high. And ive smoked lots of sssdh over the last 10 odd years, even directly from the breeders hand. Its very good. I wouldnt say its the most potent, but it aint no slouch!


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the Ft Collins Cough, aka The Cough, is a NL5/Haze from Nevil's work. Without a doubt. As is the Electric Boogaloo aka Dogshit. During the 90's (and you can fact check this by going through old issues of high times) NL5/Haze was one of the most grown lines in the United States. So much dank has come out of that.

PS - Love your username 59LesPaul

I've got a metric shitton of Les Pauls around the house =) But no authentic original 50's models YET!