80s Nl5xHz


Hard to describe the smell of her.
Defiantly more soapy than fuel.
Kinda remind me of church incence With a dash of funk to it.

She seemed to be stunted afer I pollenated her that hard.
But she was very vigorous tell then, and generous with seeds.

Taste is bad becauseI dryed it way to fast, an I can hardly tase her.
Its Very hot here now. I worry for my outdoor plants...

Tryin to dry the next buds slower, stead of crispy in a day.

But my wake an bake test for potency one one big hit she gets be buzzing. But isn't something too Special yet.
But I'm sure it was pulled early an dried fast. (Dam)

The indoor an outdoor clones won't be seeded an will be alot better judges of her potential.


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I hate it when that happens, lol! Never fails, but I always quick dry some off a new plant, just can't wait I guess, lol!! Anyway, so far so good, bro - great job on the seedmaking for sure, can't wait to see how the outdoor does (maybe throw up some misters around them? In high heat I've found it helps them a lot, makes them feel like they are back home in a nice tropical jungle somewhere):)


Dam it's hot!!!!!
It's 109' degrees today, my shed cab is also 109'.
I need to get a swamp cooler for my shed ASAP.

Been leading the usa on high temps, we are hotter than Nevada Texas Arizona and new Mexico.

Hope my outdoor big ladies don't burn up!


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I seem to remember a post where Shanti was saying it took a real long time to find the daddy. That post gave me the impression the same dad was used for both SSH and MH. I coulda swore he straight up said they had the same dad?

From all the discussion on it, I thought MH is
NL5HzA x SkHzC
(Pretty sure Nev said they called that NL5HzA cut "mango")
and SSH is
NL5HzC x SkHzC
Silver haze is 5c#1xskunkC
Mango haze is 5c#122xskunkC
Same father skunkxhazeC, different mothers, all haze C.
The only HzA hybrid is Nevil's haze. Indica phenos of 88 5c will amplify the taste of the nl5, pine expansion, heavy yielder, and the best outdoor bud you have ever seen. The Colorado cough is a pheno of 88 5c.


Here is a quote from SB about the lineage

Originally Posted by shantibaba
Hi All

just to clear the air from confusion and before you all go making a legend from myth here is how it was done and is done still....

Nh is made from Haze C male which is made by two pure haze parents from 1969....then the female side of NH is made from Haze A combined to NL5 or NL5Haze A where Haze A was also made by two pure Haze parents also from 1969
Haze A is no longer alive only Haze C male is along with several other different sativa lines.

but plants with the lineage of Haze A are still alive and carrying the genes within.

SSH is made up of Haze C combined to Skunk 1 or Skunk HzC which is the male side, the female side is Haze C combined to NL5 or NL5HzC

the Mango comes from a parallel cross same as SSH but with one difference

Haze A male combined to Sk 1 or Sk HzA being the male plant, the female is NL5HzC....that is the breeding of those three plants

considering the Haze A is no longer a male alive, it still is alive in the ancestry of some of the plants used in all these breeds

I do not have secrets about breeding but given the same seed batches we could all still create something different...it boils down to selection.

La Nina is the widow father breed to a pure Haze female...neither A or C by the way so I hope that clears up all your doubts once and for all.

There is no one other than Simon at serious seeds who follows breeding plants like we do.Most Dutch seed companies use females plants obtained from seed batches that were passed on to them or sent to them, making their origins a little doubtful at certain stages. The whole seed industry based alot of things on Neville's origins in fact , but none except Sensi Seed had the parent plants to replicate things time and time again. Whether plants dies or were lost to disease over the years...well most companies would probably not tell anyone, but think about it.How many back ups of parent plants would you need in how many countries to be sure never to loose an important line? As enforcement on growers gets more and more restricting rooms get found etc....and the law of averages catches up on you. My last problem with the Swiss authorities I lost all plants in my library...some 42 mum's and dad's...luckily we keep backup of all the most important plants in 5 different countries and have done for years...if we had not had done this then we too would have lost alot of heirlooms. I do keep original batches of seed from years ago also in several places just in case I have to go all the way back to the drawing board to do selection again...but that is as bad as it gets for us.

As you can see it is alot of work in alot of places to just keep things alive...not to mention the expenses and time factor involved.

Lastly just to clarify things to do with this site...well I do all the moderating alone plus the pms and all questions and answers....so if there is something wrong on this site it is me who made it. I have a webman to do the technical aspects but all content and daily admin of the site is up to me. Howard will be helping in a limited way one day but he is a busier person than anyone else I know. Nev is not one for public life or cyberspace...and due to family committments is happy to do some work on plants but nothing else.So I am afraid you are all dealing with Shantibaba...whether you like it or not.

All the best now off to Bologna for a 3 day fair....take care


I know all about NL5/Hz. I'm wondering about the grow.

Ive grown the Swami NL5 x Hz, Sensi, and the Mr Nice
NL5 x Hz, and can tell you they differ a lot.....They may be related, but the plant stems, branch strength is totally different. The Terpene profiles are totally different, the Swami takes much longer on average to finish. Mr Nice tastes better, more refined, but is nowhere near as strong. Plant wise, or buzz wise.

The Swami stuff is so stiff that it cant be trained if you wait to long, and the Mr Nice NL5/Hz is easily trained, and bent, where the Swami will break/snap like a pencil. Blue Orca Haze is the same way. You have to get on it early, or forget it. I like to bend the crap out of my plants, and I veg with 1000w Horilux ( 62w Sq/ft ), 5 gallon containers and blast them. They are flowered in 15-20 gallon container per each plant, and Promix BX. So I get big, strong, fast growing plants. I also start seedlings under 1000w Hortilux, 24 inches, and 32oz cups.

Also not saying the MrN stuff isn't good, and Ive been running a SSH for 3 years. Its a pick of over 300 F2 females, so its pretty good stuff, and Ive been smoking/growing Nevils stuff since it was available in the 80s, and also SSSC.

My SSH mom, is the standard of which I judge all other plants, and seed banks, for production, fast growing, easy to clone, potent. For major seed production company, I think Nr Nice is among the best, but there are small growers in the Pacific NW that do have many of the old genes, in unadulterated form, and are starting to pop up.

The 1st stuff I got from Nevil, was Mazar and had a Santa Barbara post mark, so they didnt come from Holland. But Cali.

But me,, and my buddies have grown out 20 of the Swami NL5/Hz, and all of them are as late as can be. Have done 6 of the Blue Orca Haze, and started 40 more a month ago, to pheno hunt.

1 NL5/Hz, at 73 days still has totally clear trichs, thin sativa at 73 days. Its going 90-100 anyway. The least of 20 females was at least 80 days, though most were taken at 73, so he could reveg them, and hopefully not lkill them. Ive had plenty of the MR N NL5/Hz done at 65- 70. None of these are close to done in that time frame. Mr N NL5/Hz is more similar to Sensi NL5/Hz, but Mr N is better. Ive grown no less than 50 females of both Mr N NL5/Hz, and Sensi NL5/Hz. Sensi is also nothing like it used to be. Same for their NL, and its no longer called NL5 anymore, though they still bear the Cup on the add for NL.

I can tell you, they aren't the same plants. They are similar, and you can tell theyre related, some even look like my SSH, but the Swami NL5/Hz is still a much stiffer, stronger plant on average. The main stalk, and branches are very stout, and strong.

I also bought this 1988 LTD Release Nevils NL5/Hz in the 80s, and the feds got it, and the COOT genetics are the same as I remember them from 88. I bought 10 packs of them, and made crosses with Nevils Hashplant, And Sacred Seeds Sk1, and a RKS SSSC leaning Sk1.

I had it for 9 years and got ratted out by a partner. I did I had 1000 clones, and got 10-life, mandatory minimum.

I did 84 months locked up, and 5 years supervised release. 1 year I spent in Federal/County lockup, and slept on the ground in a 10 man cell with 33 people stuffed in it, and they all smoked cigs, but me.

But all I used from 88-97 were these genetics, and could have cared less about anything else, and this was the best stuff Id seen since 71-73.

But theres some heavy duty raw resin, that will burn your nose with this stuff, and IMHO needs to be crossed up with something with more flavor, lot of it is raw resin, is not flavorful, and many wont like it. Its guaranteed your going to cough every hit. And I don't mind to cough, and choke, and long as it tastes of the finest hash. But this stuff is raw, and is really strong, and is mostly not pleasurable. Theyre are good phenos of it, and tasty, but a lot are very raw, and hard hitting. Day wrecker.

As I said, some of it is so strong, all you have to do is get a little wife in your nose, and its instant burning, and eye watering, and it made me remember why I crossed it with the good tasting sk1, and Hashplant. But its the same as I remember it.

Also if 1 has the same genes as Nevils 88, whos to say I or anyone else cant find better specimens than what have already been found ??? They cant, because other good plants, as good, or potentially better, can be found.

Also there are many old clones still alive.

The One, Blue Orca, and another 1 or 2 that are sisters to The One, and BO from BOEL/COOT, are 34 years old, and still going strong. Since 84.

, 85 RKS, Skreddy Hashplant, NL5, Chemdawg91,Chemdawgs Sister, VA Afghani, and others are still alive, and doing well.
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