80s Nl5xHz


This is a seed from "80s Nl5xHz".
I got it from a friend here. It was not form Sensi or Mr Nice.

I sent some off for preservation, and for another friend to verify.
He grew NL5xHzA in the early 90s that Nev sent him, an I trust his judgement on the Issue of Legitimacy.
But Id bet its the Real McCoy.
It came from a NINJA!!!!!:D

I pray is a girl, Ive got my STS ready for S1s as I have only one seed.
If not Ill cry:mad:, but have some great pollen.....

Every Week Ill add pics of progress

Few Weeks back.

Here is last week after topping it.

This weeks pics
Its needs Cal mag....

The Clone I took from the top is good an rooted.


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Good job Scarhole, How have you cracked it? Since is such an old seed, how many did your friend gave you?? Just one?? In that case would just be optimal. Anybody knows how long can last a seed alive? Is out there any kind of research that has been done to see the relation between age of the seed/%??


The Fumeke;)


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Greetings SCAREHOLE,

Very much so looking forward to this. Wish you the best of luck and we are all praying for a female..

Best Regards



I had 5, sent 3 off, an I killed one.
Im pretty sure they are from a recent batch of 80s NL5xhz an are not very old.

If it had came from about anyone else I would have had doubts.
This strain isnt dead.


I did treat it with banana peal ethylene for a few weeks in an attempt to make it female as described by Mohan Ram in his memoirs.
I hope it worked.
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Hi brother Scarhole

looks like nute over load prob

maybe flush and transplant?

then watch too high ph and nutes...

3 outta 3 hzxnl5 are up here


Thanks nor1,

I Fushed the shit out of em today.
With water an dolomatic hydraded lime to get ph buffered to 7.

Now Ill foliage feed em with 1/4 strength nutes an a bit of Epsom salt to try an get the Yellow areas green with out using anything in the soil for awhile.....

Normaly I use New Miracal grow soil, never had issues.
Been using old used mg soil lately, its kicking my ass.
I cant get em happy using it. :confused:
When I transplant em soon Ill go back to it....
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in my opinion if you are using a peat based "soil" like promix

then your ph should be around 5.7 and not really ever higher

you would be able to feed it far less and have it enjoy it more

just make sure the nutes you feed it are 5.7 [5.6]

ph 7 scares me ..even ph 6 scares me..

i'll shut up now

its all i can say


I know, but I dont have or use a ph meter.
I tried one once few yrs back an about killed everything.
I couldnt calibrate it, or was junk an havent tried one since.
The only way I control Ph is the same way I do it gardening outdoors, with Lime.
And usualy it works good.
But not so much this time....

I do trust the strips.
Maybe Ill try them again.


pic day

The Repeated flushing with Lime water has helped alot.
Green is returning.:)

I took 4 more clones of the 80s Nl5 x Hz yesterday.

And Ill start flowering Clone 1 to see if they are female.

Top view

Side view.

Clone #1
Love that tight node spacing.

Side view

Top View


Had an incident in the lil cab while away this weekend.
My cabs dryer exhaust ducting separated at the coupler an was blocked all weekend.
The 130' heat from the Hids burned my lil ones.
But the big nl5xhz took it well.
The lil 5hz clone was in the dark an is fine
(my riot GreenCrack is dead an drgt good-dog look kinda bad....)


Pic of the burned NL5xhz from sunday night.
She looks alot happier now.

pics of the burn victims the next day.
The lil Chemo Iranian baby wasnt hurt?
Left to right bigger plants -Bananna platinum an Greencrack (dead) Riotseeds, Next is the white from ogr, an then the good dog from greenthumb/ortega.
an the bottom one is the big Nl5xHz

Pic of my OGxThai I pollentated her with some Mendo purp indica pollen from a outdoor grower in Mendocino.
Seed are already starting to bust out.
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I guess it would have helped to have one of those high temp shutoffs for the light, then it would have been on for a little then shutdown till it cooled, then back on for a little till it warmed up again and shut off.

at least more of the plants would have made it, if not all.
Good luck nurturing them back to health.
cant wait to see you grow the nl5 haze out.


I was misinformed about 8os nl5xhz
I thought it was all from hzA. (Not sure where I got tht info.)
But joshuahazn an rimmeo imformed me it was hzC.

And I seen my first female hairs on the top of the 5hz clone.
Few more days to know for sure.
But it looks female.


Very cool man, glad to see someone has this strain still.

Has anyone tried out what sensi are offering these days? I bought a couple of their seeds just to see but they're soo expensive. :(
I bought some of the new mr.nice line also to compare.

The leaves look less hazey than i thought it would on that clone of yours. Be interesting to see what happens to it in flower.


Originally Posted by SCARHOLE
I thought the 80s nl5 x hz was all haze A?
I have one going an this goes aginst my reasearch...

Scarhole, here are some quotes from Nevil that you can add to your research.

Although most of what exists today of the Haze A male is descended from a single NL5XhazeA female clone, none of this was formally released by the Seedbank, and hybrids descending from this female came after the Seedbank.

Originally Posted by Nevil

was NL5HzA seed ever released through a seedbank or only used for breeding?"

The male was taken from us much too early. I crossed it to the important cuttings and some of these were handed out, but not much. Some are still alive.

Source: questions for Nevil

All NL5XHaze that came from the Seedbank was Haze C, In fact I am fairly certain even the earlier NL1Xhaze crosses were also Haze C.

The above quote from Nevil Himself seems to indicate that every Haze cross from the Seedbank was Haze C, it certainly proves that none of it was HazeA.

Originally Posted by Nevil
Still a lot of questions about haze and apparently a lot of conflicting stories.
I haven't been paying attention to what Sam the Skunkman has been saying. He lost me years ago and if he wants to come out from behind his alias and go toe to toe with me, well that will be just fine with me (hey David).
If he is saying that he gave me Purple Haze and it was crap, Well that's true. If he is saying that his lime green Haze was crap , well that's true too. If he is saying that he gave me a Haze cutting, well to be honest, I can't remember, but if he did it was crap. I seem to recall that he entered his lime Haze in a Cup, if he did he got his arse kicked.
The Haze seeds I got from Sam were grown in America in 69/70. I got them in the mid 80's. All of my Haze came from these seeds of which I was saying I got 7 plants. I was hoping that Sam would come out with something good from his remaining seeds, he never did and to my knowledge, nor did anyone else. The only good haze that hit the market was from two males A and C.
Hz C male produced 5Hz1 which won a Cup or 2, this was a daughter of NL5 which won a cup. 5Hz1 when crossed with Sk1x HzC produced Silver Haze which won a Cup. Ben renamed it Jack Herrer. Somebody else renamed it Diesel. 5HzC X Sk1Hz C was not as good as 5Hz1. Mango Haze (5Hz122)is a full sister to 5Hz1 and these two were the best out of tens of thousands.
Haze A produced 5HzA2 (5A2) and was featured on the cover of the 1990 catalogue and is the mother of Nevil's Haze, the father being HzC.
If you are smoking any good Haze, I'll bet you London to a brick that it comes from Haze A or Hz C or both!
Sounds like the one from the seedbank with the warning was hzc.


Pic Day.

Showing sex after a week of 12/12

5hz Mama

Both were transplanted into new MG soil today, they dont like the used stuff...

My castor Bean Plant from Last yr.


Pic Day.
All doing well.

80s 5Hz mamma

5hz Clone 1

Pic of the cab,

A 150w hps an a 145w CMH an a 100 w of cfl for the lights.
Heat is sealed in the top with the lights with clear 1/8 in plexi.
I use Glass mirror for side lighting, angled to "flash" the tops of the plants.
Diy Bucket charcoal scrubber, an space heater in there also.
Exhaust is a 80cfm bath room fan that does a great job
For 250$ its a good lil marijuana machine.

Pic of my outdoor Blueberry x Bubblegum thats finialy starting to flower.