43 days into flower e/s

radio kaos

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Flower under 18hrs

Think they will do mate people here in uk are growing them successfully.
Av a look a brocks es grow..im indoors if my memory serves me right
you can expect abt 18oz outdoors



Hi budluver,iv had 3 phenos out a pack and a cpl seeds left.
First one very lemony and pineapple when cured oranges and fuelly..
Next one citrus and lemon with a hint of pineapple and deisel
Last one was my least fav quite bland..

I got just over 7oz on this diary es and the other two i got 7oz together..
Im crap at describing like the experts:p but i can honestly say the first
es in this diary is the best smoke iv had in the last couple of years
a great all rounder first jar my pals go for..;)
ive grown es for at least 15 years and never experinced phenos with those flavor i guess we will have to have a new smole report come the end of sept :cool::cool::D


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Well done Kaos. Setting a fine example. Can't wait to see what you do next. Maybe a little more depth so we can track your progress.


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Nice lookin buds RK! I am a fan of ES too, always experimenting with it. Just came across a catpiss flavored one lol.

radio kaos

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Disappointing aurora were bob,4 females 2 runts and 2 6ft:eek:
one taste like straw the other not so good,all 4 were sat leaning:confused:


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Good work, very nice. I just landed a pack of Early Skunk myself. So far everything is in the up and up with 4/4 germination. Hopefully I can represent this line as well as you.