1988 g13xskunk1

thanks wonkadonk,

been doing my parents skunk from the early 80's, right next to g13xsk1 from 87-88?, and my specials....wich are inbred bag seed /afghani with some other uknown suspected sativa influences.
All stink a mile or more away. I.Do.Know

I have found that controlling the rank can be acomplished by keeping a few gardenia's ....jasmine....plumeria....basil... there are a few that can help.

buy the way g13 has no sent at all more like rubber or fresh bike intertubes.
it was just a fast hot resinated bitch.
that wore no perfume.
So i think when Nev obtained the cut he w2ent to work to hybridize the famous five.

wich were already bred a bit and traits were locked in. He can answer more if you ask him.


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from the man i got the originals he said they where from the seed bank in holland. he flew there or some shit.
they were labled skunk. as i have been up to craft I notice prime relations between a few of the species out there today...from the old ones that were found.

hey spiritualyEnhanced... great find there bro. I am truly in awe you got a chance to grow those out! Neville, during his time posting here, specifically in the grail thread, talked about the cannabis castle/Seedbank era, and spoke of how people could come fly out and make a visit to the castle for a minimum $1000, and from what i remember he said he used to give people cuts and seeds not commonly offered in the Seedbank catolouge. he talked about how he was very good at finding a strain tailored specifically to a growers needs. It wouldnt surprise me if your buddy flew to the dam and linked up with neville and got something very special... i mean a minimum of $1000 ya i think hed def offer more than the commercial strains the seedbank offered. I wonder if he ever gave away a haze male or female(i cant remember if he said he found a female haze, but maybe this is where the rotterdam Haze cut comes from?) Neville also said the pacific g13 cut was a g13skunk i believe, but i know for sure he said the pacific g13 cut was a g13 cross offered by the seedbank.
SpirituallyEnhanced u should ask ur bud about it might be a great story!
would also love to see some more pics if and when you get a chance.
keep growin, and searchin for the truth guys!
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G13 x Skunk

I've a pack of seeds. A long time ago I purchased two packs and now I am down to 18 seeds. The pack is marked " G13 x Skunk, by Shantibaba, Limited Release. Dose anyone know if these are different from what is being sold now days? I take very good care of my old seed stash so these should still be very good. Thanks, Stash