10 Neville's Skunk


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Nevilles Skunk , SSH, Doors crosses

Hey thanks for the kind words la resistance..
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Neva sk

I ran nevs SK a few years ago and I loved it mine all took about 12/16 wks and I will definately be running a pack again...good look with the grow


Amazing cross, you will be rewarded, trust me.
Well, I dont know grower who tried NS but to he do not back to NS from time to time.
Thx for sharing and pls more pix



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I'd like to know what you think of the finished product. I may like to try this strain. Good Luck!

Saddamskee, did you post a grow log or review of this strain? I'd like to read up on it.


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Thanks for the pics, looking good. Just flipped some NSK to flower so looking forward to your smoke report.


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50 days 11/13

thanks for stopping in sysadmin...i have a few NS @ different flowering stages so this being the first seed run might be slow..


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Yo, looking stellar. What's the reek like? You have just made me pop open the fridge and feverishly search for my pack of Nevilles Skunk. It was almost somnambulant. I sort of came to as I closed the fridge door. Is this selection from one pack?