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TonyG 02-13-2012 11:00 AM

Neville's Haze-first grow

I bought these seeds around February of 2011. I cant see any benefits by keeping them in the fridge any longer. This is my first NH grow and Im happy the time finally arrived. I placed 9 of the 18 in water to soak tonight. Im going to germinate like I always do, tomorrow night I will put them in a wet papertowel. Then plant the following day. I'll put them under my T5's still they sprout and begin to take hold. This time I am going to have a humidity dome, unlike my Z7's. This grow will be organic and I just got a couple 600 watt HPS ballasts to flower them under. I usually run 1000 watts and they will veg under two 1000 watt MH bulbs.

The reason for only doing half now is mainly because I am searching for a good breeding male, along with that certain lady that will define my garden. I really dont feel like testing 9 males at once. So as soon as I find my female out of this batch, I will have the others ready to impliment in.

Im nervous and excited about this journey. I wont claim to be a Haze expert, far from it actually. I am good at reading cannabis plants though and my attention to detail is something I strive to perfect always.

I have two 15x15 rooms with 8 ft ceilings, so space isnt to much an issue. Im going to veg them in 1 gal grow bags until they preflower, then clone them out and keep the seeds as parents. Im considering flowering them in 10 gal smart pots, but with only about 8 gal of soil. The mix will be Happy Frog, worm castings, dolomite lime, perlite and root enhancer. I also like to top dress with Mexican bat guano at the beginning of flower so I can just plain water for a week or two. I use RO water and I make my own guano teas with molasses, humic acid and enzymes. The strongest tea is the peruvian seabird at about 950 ppm but all the others finish out between 200 and 300. I can just dilute whatever is too strong.

Im hoping my methods will be easily adaptable to this strain. Overcomplicating things are not my intentions. More to come.


tazmcd 02-13-2012 01:17 PM

nev's haze
howdy , my mate done his first time flowered them from seed , most ended up 6 ft plus , he cut 1/3 of the lower fluff off so light could hit it all , he also noticed it eats food but only when it wants it doesnt like gorging on food , out of the pack he wants to keep them all as theyre all slightly different and unique with clean glue smell . have fun . peace t

jack hairy 02-14-2012 03:23 PM

im just about finished with my first NH experience.
i flowered some clones first, they stretched quite a bit, almost 3 foot tall, skinny little things. ive sampled 120 day plant over the last few nights and it is pretty strong.

The first real plant is on plain water now.
vegged for 20 days, it would have only been about 7 ft if it stood up straight.
much more manageable than i would have thought.
kept it pruned to a single stem until a few days before flower.
let it grow 4 branches/tips then topped it at flowering time.
over the next few days i topped each branch after it had 3 branches/tips on them.
this was done by the end of the first week flowering and just let them go from there.
looks like ill end up with 12 NH buds/clusters/branches that might range from 1/2 ounce to 1/4 ounce. id say its a decent yeilder even for the time ( im giving it 105 days)

good luck with yours.

TonyG 02-15-2012 10:42 AM

I opened up the papertowel, happy to see 8 of the 9 open with the other appearing to be on the same route. I am labeling them phenos A-I, starting top left and continuing in order. The bags are set up in the same order. I planted them in one gal grow bags, in Happy Frog soil with 1/2 cup of worm casting mixed into each bag. I had to use freezer bags for humidity domes since a plastic dome for my tray wont work here. I have used freezer bags before without a hitch. As soon as they shed their pods, I will remove the bags so they dont mold or dampen off. They will stay under the T5's for about 5-7 days, after sprouting, before I move them to the 1000 watt MHs.

I was very pleased to see such fast germinations. Especially after being stocked in my fridge for a year. They didnt have to be scuffed or treated special in any regards. Good start:)
Planted 12 am on 2/15/2012

TonyG 02-17-2012 08:23 AM

5/9 have sprouted with two more looking to probably be up by tomorrow afternoon. I was going to wait till then to post, but I thought one of the pics of pheno B was interesting.
Pheno A
Pheno B
Pheno C
Pheno D
Pheno G

TonyG 02-18-2012 10:03 AM

All phenos sprouted and the freezer bags have been removed. The humidity domes made all the difference as I only had to remove only one of the seed pods manually(pheno D). My veg room temps fluctuate between 69 night-74 day. Humidity stays between 60-65% and I foliar spray with RO water every couple days. Just a lite spraying, no need to drench them. Not much to say except, I couldnt be more happy about the beginning of this grow so far; 100% germ rate, all sprouted less then two days after planting and they all look beautiful. I will update next week after I move them under the MH. Peace
Pheno A
Pheno B
Pheno C
Pheno D
Pheno E
Pheno F
Pheno G
Pheno H
Pheno I

PlantManBee 02-18-2012 06:32 PM

Wow! Neville's haze! for your FIRST grow? You are a brave gardener :) It can certainly be done, and you're already in it so there is nothing to do but do it. I'm kind of hoping this is just your first NH grow, not cannabis.

I would lay off misting them a bit, as the soil looks very wet. At this stage damping off can kill them fast, though the one NH I grew was put through horrible over-wet conditions that killed many other plants.... she was a plant not a seedling at the time.

Have fun and I'll be hanging and watching. I have another NH that is just over a month old, and one clone from the other girl. I also just popped a couple "aisle 9" that are Tom Hill haze x SSH. All of them straight to the flower room.

rimmeo 02-18-2012 06:44 PM

Very good advise

zigzag 02-18-2012 07:03 PM

hilarious...the very first sentence or so states its his 1st nh grow not his first grow hahaha.

Can't wait to see what you get there've got a nice clean setup and I'm following your ohaze x sk grow also. Thanks for sharing with us.

PlantManBee 02-18-2012 07:11 PM

^^^ yes it does... i've been vaping NH. The title says first grow lol

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