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Whitevanman 02-07-2008 07:48 PM

Question about pheno's
Hi there everybody

Just registered on the forums today so please be gentle.

Does anybody know what to look for to find the quintesential Nev's pheno, the one that has made her a legend?

I have just grown out 2 females from seed and got 2 different pheno's, the first (I will call pheno#1) has been cut last wednesday the other looks like it will go at least one more week from today.

They were both germed on sept 2 last year and went straight into 12/12 as soon as they popped their heads.

Pheno 1 was the smallest yeilder of the 2, had the classic haze aroma with a good calyx to leaf ratio. Some fast dried bud was tried last weekend and found to be good but not as strong as I remember.

Pheno 2 has produced good sized colas with a lot more leaf on them than pheno 1. It didn't have much smell at all untill budding was well underway and is now reeking of catpiss! No sample smoked from this yet.

I'm sure I remember shanti refering to the catpiss pheno somewhere but not sure if he was talking about SSH? Can anybody remember?

2 more grows are now underway with cuts from both pheno's

Thanks for your help in advance

furball 02-08-2008 12:50 AM

Im just learning about the pheno thing now, better late than not at all.
I grew out some of T.G.A. gear, two different plants
almost, side by side.
They are both very good meds indeed.
But so different , both loaded with sticky goo.
Two different plants, same seed, same veg time...

Whitevanman 02-09-2008 10:15 AM

Thanks Furball

Took me a long time to learn that thing too, it wasn't 'till I started going on the grow sites about 8 years back.


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