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Old 12-20-2017, 01:24 AM
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That's a cool looking plant. Viney is good.
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Old 12-31-2017, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Arco View Post
Once upon a time, The best cannabis I have ever had in my entire life was grown on a viney plant. it was layed down with it's sisters and they grew into a jungle.
There was a mouse in the basement of that house, and it could be seen that the mouse was nibbling a little bit from a bud over here and a little bit from a bud over there...

When the crop was completed and the plants were seperated, It turned out the mouse had only been nibbling from 1 plant. It could tell the difference between one particular plant and the rest, Even in those overcrowded conditions with 5 plants basically grown together as one.. It was really quite incredible

That bud was forever after named "mouse haze" . It looked almost exactly like the pictures you show. All of the buds from the strain just called "haze" were good but the other 4 had pointier buds. Mouse haze had buds I describe as monkey paws. All of the herb from those 5 plants was the best I have had, even to this day. but the mouse haze, with it's stacked calyx's just had an incredibly clear high with no ceiling, it was rocketfuel, It was 10-15% above it's siters and the real standout of the bunch

Anyway, I am VERY excited about the plant you show. It looks like the elusive plant I have been searching for almost 15 years. It looks the closest I've seen to that bud. It looks like the mouse haze

In my opinion stacked calyx's is where it's at. I would guess you have the "grail" on your hands here.

Good luck
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Old 01-03-2018, 08:13 AM
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Sounds good.

And just so there is no misunderstanding:
Stretchy/lanky phenos are not undesirable or anything.
They just can't yield as well as the bushier ones with shorter node-spacing etc. etc.
So they have to produce correspondingly superior quality to be a keeper.
If they produce the same quality of bud as the other phenos, you obviously take the better yielder.

That being said, just look at the whole OG Kush craze. These plants are not good yielders, they grow ugly and spindly and need a hell of a lot of support.
Yet people grow it, some of them only it.
Because they like the end product and see it as qualitatively superior.

In my own experience, it looks like some of the smaller, lanky/spindlier looking phenos that yielded less and also were otherwise not noteworthy in any way (shape/node spacing/vigor etc.) are going to be my keepers.
Because of the smell.
Some of the least desirable looking phenos seem to be providing me with the most berry terps out of all. Really what I was looking for in term of terpenes. Imagine a sweet, red wine with skunky undertones. That's about their smell, really nice.

Of course this evaluation could still change, yet again, after testing the cured product.

So what I'm getting at: No matter how they grow, look, yield, smell or whatever, ultimately, you can only judge after testing properly cured buds (in lieu of a laboratory, testing them with your own lungs etc. ).

So even though some of the "berry phenos" smell just like what I was searching, I still can't say I take them over other phenos because another might have the best combination out of terpenes, yield and potency.

That's why I also tend to grow out every runt.
Although I might get away from that method simply because I have so many seeds and can afford to aggressively cull runts.

But then again, the runt might produce the best herb ever...
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Old 01-06-2018, 06:11 PM
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so here is the phenotype that gave me those wheat shaped buds

i had some interesting debates on facebook on a cannabis american group , many users told me it was foxtail. But even if i have elevated temperatures because hps lamp, it don't go over 27/28 degree c. One man said it remembered him the thaļ weed from the 70', and i was thinking that make sense because the neville's haze is an inbreeding on haze, and haze is fathered by a thaļ strain, so haze is originaly 50% thaļ, and as it's two haze brothers that have been used for the nh, it's a consanguine crossing, minimum 12,5% inbreeded then perhaps this recessive phenotype appear in a small proportion

this is the story of neville's haze as i've understand it from internet sources:

in the begining of the 70', the haze brothers started to select sativa plants from seeds that sam the skunkman furnished to them, in the santa cruz area

a colombian and a mexican strain have been first crossed, then the bests females have been crossed with a south indiaan strain, and then the best females of that F2 with a Thaļ male

Sam the skunkman is said having inbreed those batch produced by the haze brothers, selecting the best traits and sold the seeds under the label "cultivator choice" in the 80' in amsterdam

then Neville Schoenmakers, owner of the "seed bank" (that will become sensi seeds bank) did get pure haze seeds, did select male A, male C and female B

first outcross with northern light #5 with male A did gave nice results, and after the success of the super silver haze the neville's haze have been created by selecting a good female NL#5 x Hz and cross it with the male C

So in the end, following the informations, NH is 12,5% consanguine minimum, and his ancestry formula could be simple as that:

((thaļ x (south india x (colombian x mexican))) x (((thaļ x (south india (colombian x mexican)))x Northern light #5))

So if that pheno come from the Thaļ and is recessive, in a punnet table there is two possibilities, or it appear on 1 plant on 8 if the original pheno came from a plant homozygote for that pheno, or 1 on 16 if the original plant was just carrier of that caracteristic, am i right ?

I had from a paquet two plants like her, the other was a male that i haven't keep, but 2 on 18, it's pretty close to 1 on 8 so maybe one plant with that pheno have been used by the haze brothers to create the original haze

I harvested almost all with 25% of amber trichomes, i just let one plant to get totally amber to check the difference

Last edited by Arco; 01-07-2018 at 01:16 PM.
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Old 01-06-2018, 06:23 PM
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and about the stretch, the biggest plant that was 30 cm when switched to 12/12 is now 1,55 m, so the stretch was 400 to 500 % with my plants

(with a 600w hps dual spectrum lamp, veg 18/6 flo 12/12, hygro > 40%, 30w of UVB medical light, 20 deg C night and 28 max day, running water system using canna brand nutrients EC 1,5 to 1,8 and PH bring back at 5,5 once a day, soup changed every 10 days).

Maybe it's better to don't expose this strain on too strong UVB, mine did react badly (dry leaves) compared to a malawi gold
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Old 02-26-2018, 02:51 PM
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"In my opinion stacked calyx's is where it's at"

Fox Tails!
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