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Old 07-02-2016, 05:52 AM
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Old 03-16-2017, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by ahLong View Post
This is an interesting grow this year, the weather has been unusual and its not the best for growing , still most plants are doing quite well despite soo much cloud this year ( where the fuck is the sun ?)
Not only has it been wet early in the year and the sun has been missing for too long, I also have had the most number of deformed plants EVER.
Some of the deformations /mutations may , i believe , be attributed to the local climate conditions ( 600 m in elevation and 24 Deg NORTH ) and some may be due to the growth stimulants I used in early veg . I am growing organically in soil , outdoors in sunshine ( when its there) and using homemade ferts from animal manure(pig/chickens and ducks). I use H & G ROOTS EXCELURATOR and HOLLAND FORGE 'S NITROZYME in grow. Has anyone used this combination of supplements? Noticed any mutations?
anyways, a walk around the garden this week and taken a few pics, showing Neville's haze, SSH , SHIT , Black Widow (very small -still in pots not in ground as yet) and some of the other lines of Kush from Emerald Triangle and Cali Connection. Most pics will show MR NICE plants but there are a few others in the shots.
The biggest plants in the shots are from bag seed obtained in SOUTH INDIA last year, a local strain . Nev and the south india strain were both planted as seed in March. SSH and SHIT seed was started in MAY. Black Widow started June. The other kush's get started indoors under 18/6 before going outdoors to flower. The Nev. India , SSH and SHIT just went str8 into the ground. Nev is now about 2 m high and with many stems due to early tipping. The India strain is about 3m high massive bloody plants . I am waiting for Nev to turn and then wait n see IF i get lucky and NEV can finish here. ALL the other strains will finish in time, ONLY NEV is in doubt.
I always knew NEV would be a risk but i dont mind trying, we dont get frost till mid JAN/FEB.

*I dont know how to add pics ( how come on some posts I can see pics and on other posts I see a link to pics? I am uploading pics to dropbox now and will put a link up shortly so ya can see how NEV is doing up here in the mountains
Hello Everyone, I'm a new member and proud to be here. I've been reading these posts for a while and have appreciated all of the information shared. I grew Neville's Haze in Southern California ( I live near Disneyland) I NEEDED to try to grow a real haze because even though Cannabis is legal in CA- the commercial growers wont even consider growing anything much past 10 weeks... let alone 14-16. I was successful with one plant and got lucky to find a phenol that finished mid November.

Here's a write up I did for _ not a solicitation - but this is my business.

We got started really late in the season and didn’t germinate until July 4th. It really wouldn’t have made sense with any other strain. We screwed up and didn’t take into account the dry weather, seven of our nine seedlings dried out and died in a 100 degree Santa Ana wind storm, it was really sad. I should clarify that the seed packet was 18seeds but I gifted a friend the other half. Pressing on with the two that survived, we nursed them along until they were about 12″ tall and then planted them directly into the earth. The grow medium was compiled of sand, top soil, perlite, and vermiculite, and lightly amended with nitrogen. One plant doubled in size in 7 days but the other was a runt, we kept both until they showed their sex and were fortunate that the strong one was female. The runt turned out male and was quickly discarded. So here I was with this female Neville’s Haze plant in full sun and she just soaked it up. Temps were common between 95 and 100 so we created a shade/bug cloth that seemed to help. Unlike the others the NH plant seemed basically unaffected by the high temps – she was a trooper. The plant seemed to grow an inch a day and so by Oct 1st-ish she stood about 5′ tall. I had some other plants that had almost finished by the time the NH even started putting flowers together but I knew this would be a very special plant.

By November 1st the resin had developed plump heads and was absolutely reflective in the sunlight. Picking developed resin can be, to some degree, a matter of taste. With NH being nearly pure sativa I wanted to emphasize her cerebral characteristics and cut when the trichomes’ heads were mostly clear and only about 25% had turned milky. Not every flower finished at the same time so I only cut what I found to be done and was obsessive with checking small cuttings under a microscope. By Nov 10th she was down. I tried to control drying as best as I could and took special caution to not dry too fast. After 10 days I put everything in jars to cure and opened them daily for fresh air. Final dry weight was 8oz and I think that’s pretty impressive considering she started in July. I can only imagine the size of this thing had she started in April – monster!

I just received a seed order from MNS and have germinated a pack of Neville's Haze - The Doors & Critical Haze. All will be grown Outdoor inside a citrus grove - cant wait.

Any Advice?

Thanks to All !!!
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