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The Grey Man 06-28-2014 10:50 AM

Grover's organic Nevil's Haze
Hello Nevil's Haze Lovers!

I have just planted out 12 NH seeds. All 12 sprouted and seem fine.
I'm sure that you don't need to see pictures of tiny seedlings but if you want, I can oblige.

The Grey Man 06-28-2014 10:56 AM

I will grow all 12 and keep them as seed parents.
As soon as I can take cuttings, I will.

These cuttings will go into the flowering room (starting at 12/12) as soon as they have rooted.

Once they show sex the males (and corresponding seed parents) will be culled and the females repotted into their final pots and left to get on with things.

I want to select a short flowering (comparatively) plant which has martical resin and MOST IMPORTANTLY carries that smell which we all love so much.

The plant must be practical.

I already went through the first 6 seeds in this way and found 4 females, 1 of which looks very promising indeed.

Let's see what else is in this pack and whether it can give the current favourite a run for it's money.

The Grey Man 06-28-2014 11:03 AM

The first batch of 4 females are doing great.

They are at about the end of week 7.

1 pheno is very much a NL5/Haze leaner. It is about 10 days ahead of the others.
It is about a foot shorter (it is about 6 foot tall)
It is COVERED in resin. On every inch of the plant. Whatever part, leaves, stem, buds, petioles, everything.
It STINKS lovely. Much more than the others. Much more.

I obviously LOVE this plant so far.

2 others are from a different pheno. They are about 10 days behind.
They are 7 foot tall and smell more subdued that my favourite (I'll need a name to identify it, I suppose. 'my favourite plant' is a little long winded..)

The final plant is of a third phenotype. It has only just started flowering, maybe a day or 2 ago. It stopped growing at about 7.5 feet and started thinking about flowering but really took it's time about it.
It has finished 6 weeks in the flowering room and is just getting going now.
It has a lovely round bottomed shape to it.
It is NOT practical enough for me and I won't keep it.

The Grey Man 06-28-2014 11:09 AM

I know Nevil's Haze is supposed to be really tough to grow but I believe that it can be REALLY simple.
Using my techniques here, ANYBODY can grow this plant if they have enough room and time and have got the orrocks to cure a plant for 8-12 weeks!

Things to be considered are :

1) length of time to flower
2) plant size
3) Haze's hatred of unbalanced salts in the soil
4) Haze's hatred of excess Nitrogen in the food.

I have thought about all of these potent problems and have come up with a technique which, I hope, anybody can use to grow these babies.

The Grey Man 06-28-2014 11:50 AM

1) Grow seeds as seed mothers
2) Take cuttings. Use little pots. Label all plants carefully.
3) As soon as you see roots coming through the holes at the bottom of the little pots, repot into 7.5 litre pots. Use All-Mix or similar. Add Mycorrhizae to the roots at this stage.
4) Let the plants rest for a day, then put into budding room (12/12 should do. 11/13 is better.) Use 600w or 1000w HPS, if possible. The light needs penetration and depth because the plants get tall.
5) The plants look way too small, at this point, to be in the flowering room. Don't worry. They will grow and GROW.
6) Water using ONLY rain water.
7) Once sexed, cull the males and corresponding seed fathers. Covet seed mothers!
8) Once sexed, repot plants again. Don't delay - don't allow plants to get root-bound. You must be careful when repotting as the roots will be delicate and the soil may fall away from them and rip them. This is the final repot. See below..

Use LARGE pots. Mix 50 litres of All-Mix or similar with 4 scoops of GuanoKalong Bat Guano (about half recommended strength) or similar. Add small quantity of worm-castings at less then half-strength if you have them. Add any other organic foods that you like - just keep it LIGHT. Fish Blood Bone, Bonemeal - whatever. USE MYCORRHIZAE around the roots and in the hole.

The idea is to create a fantastic soil environment for the plants to thrive in and to provide enough nutrients to last the plant until about 4 weeks before it's flowering cycle ends. Using very large pots should help a lot with this.
VERY large pots also mean large quantities of soil and this means large root systems which can support LARGE plants, which, in turn, will give you LARGE yields. Larger root environments also make for more well balanced salt levels in the soil AND prevent the roots from drying out. The larger root environment also provides a buffer to the roots against excesses of temperatures.
Using organic foods will mean that the nutrients will become available to the plant slowly, over time, rather than all at once. This will help prevent us from over-feeding the plant at any time and should help the food last the ample flowering period of Nevil's Haze.
Using Mycorrhizae helps keep soil condition fantastic AND helps the plant feed itself and so lessens the need for us to have to add nutrients to the water.

9) Once repotted, give them a drink and return them to the flowering room.

10) From now on, USE ONLY RAIN WATER to water your plants. Do not add any nutrients to the water.

11) They will grow for ages, slowly at first, then faster. They will stretch and stretch.

12) Most of them will start flowering after about 4 or 5 weeks but will carry on stretching for a few weeks more.

14) Keep the lights well above the canopy. Keep the temps as near to 18-20c as you can. Keep the air around the plants moving.

15) Let the soil dry out pretty well (but not so dry as to let the plants go floppy - that would be bad..) before watering again. Use only rain water and give them a GOOD water. The soil can take a lot of watering. I don't think you need to keep going until it starts draining out from the bottom but when fully grown, these plants can take 8-10 litres each, easily.

Using ONLY rain water means that you will NEVER over-feed the plants. The soil salt levels will stay nice and even and the pH levels will also stay nice and steady.

Most of all, it is EASY. If you cannot get enough rain water then use what water you can and get the pH as near to 7 as possible. Remove ALL traces of Chlorine and Chloramine as this will destroy the living soil. Kill it dead.

The idea is to get the nutrients in the soil to last until about 4 weeks from the end of flowering, after which the rain water will naturally flush the plants, ready for curing and smoking.

Of course this is hard at first as you won't even know how long the plants will take but after a while you will 'dial in' the soil amendments to last perfectly for your plants. Practice and experience is key.

16) Once the cycle is finished cut plants and dry your own way. Cure for at least 8 weeks. 12 is best - I never last that long before starting to smoke but you should have enough to last you so that you get to try it properly cured by the end.

17) Select your favourite -I keep it practical and go on aroma and resin but it is hard to know which way anybody will go with this one!

18) Take cuttings - go again.


The Grey Man 06-28-2014 11:59 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are a few bad photos of my favourite so far.
It is a resin BOMB. It also smells as good as any marijuana I have ever remember smelling. No joke.

The Grey Man 06-28-2014 12:06 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Check out the rein on this stem.


The Grey Man 06-28-2014 12:07 PM

I WISH you could smell this baby.

It's haze, so sweet and so sharp. That's it.

Shovelhandle 06-28-2014 12:33 PM

Time Machine?

Tao 06-28-2014 01:44 PM

Another great thread

I never seen a plant in such resin content,holy grail type of plant.
You sure know how to grow it,great job,your growing methods are great too.

Keep up,I will be watching.

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