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    Hiya mate. It's not really one of Simone's rules. I was going to suggest that you start them yourself, before entrusting them to your associate.
    Sorry to hear of your travails, and I hope it's just something that can be easily fixed, like this seed thing.
    Used to be a right bong monster but I gave up a couple of years ago and now just use a vape. if I keep myself busy and hold off til evening, I find I need much less to get to the same place. In fact, earlier this year I was on a bit of a fitness thing, and I was having a few grains once a day and getting ripped!
    But yeah, the present situation is stressful. I've moved into this tiny terraced house, to be closer to my son and grandson, the walls are really thin, and I'm trying to run fans, lights, contactors and the like, with no idea how much the fuckers next door can hear. .
    Not ideal but I'm hoping for better days soon.
    I hope you're asleep by now and wake up refreshed. It's a great restorative.
    See ya soon, Btb.
    Just come for a nose on your page and found this message to me!
    Think you should've put it on mine!
    When you say he's fed them too heavily do you mean food or water?
    'Cos they sure won't be needing any food for a while, even in rockwool, maybe 2 weeks.
    Don't get me started on 'The Great Tap Root Fiasco'!(see Bro's indoor thread)He he.
    Hope you get them sorted between you, Mr Nice seeds are usually pretty lively.
    Even though I'm pretty successful with seeds, I still hate the first couple of weeks. Horrible skinny little things propped up with cocktail sticks. Over water? Under water? It's all a bit nerve wracking!
    See ya soon,
    Yeah well I'm still undecided as to what way we'll go with it. I'd prefer to separate them for the sake of having independent root systems that aren't entangled within eachother. But the more I think about letting them go until they're ready to clone the more it appeals to me. I'm torn between that culling the runty one all together and keeping it. The other 3 haven’t germinated today either so we're kicking off another 2 seeds.

    My partner I'm growing with hasn't been taught or learned all of the do's and don'ts of growing prior to us starting this venture together especially where patience is concerned. I suspect he's fed the remaining 3 too heavily and he also elected to plant the 3 seeds that hadn't yet cracked against my recommendation to leave them for another 12-24 hours between the damp paper towels in order to get a nice tap-root going before being planted.

    Thanks mate, don't be a stranger, yeah? Look after yourself buddy.
    Hi. I'm fine thanks. Hope you are too.
    Yes mate, I'd just grow them on together, pot on, and when ready take cuttings. You may find one gets overshadowed and stays runty, be interesting to grow out. You could immerse in water and see if it falls apart, but I would go with option 1.
    It's one of the few that haven't tempted me, I grew nlkush in the nineties and it was nice, with a coffee/cocoa smell, but a bit mellow for me.
    Course, this could be a head ripper but, well, so many strains, so little time.
    The ancient Chinese regarded double seeds as highly propitious.
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