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  • Tony, appreciate the detailed grow log for Z7 as I have seeds coming soon and wanted as much growing experience as possible to learn from. I will be growing in a small room, hydro with LED's. Have you continued to grow Z7? I am hoping for a pheno high in CBD as I have MS and nerve damage from a 4 level neck fusion. Good to find an Oregonian here. Thanks!
    You are indeed correct, thanks for your comments, I liked the cheese#1 and that plant, the fossil pheno, was my favourite and was better than the ukcheese in smell, taste and high, oh and the yield is good too.
    All the best mate,
    Hey TonyG, Happy you like the Shit plant pics. If you haven't grown the shit yet you are missing out. Had a few undesireable phenos, but the ones that I kept are all very gooey and grow very vigerously. Great smoke too!
    Hi tony ty for the like
    Hope alls good your way KL
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