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  • dude I can hardly understand you sometimes, but always value your input! Please do not delete your account as that would be a loss to us all!
    Hi tinlee,

    Been awhile since we spoke. My family needed me here in the real world. SO I was absent for sometime, but have thought of you. I hope your well friend...Ns
    I love your posts.
    You are very unique different than all others here, including me.
    Always very positive and kind to others.
    Howdy Tinleefloufa

    Nice to meet you too

    Thanks for your kind words

    Good place with Tinleefloufa in it


    Was very nice to speak to you last night for so long. Very refreshing to discuss so much with a like minded person. Best to you friend...Ns
    Hi tinleefloura, thank you kindly for your lovely words, what a great way to start the day my friend, all the best to you and I hope we can stay in touch here at MNS, as I enjoy reading your posts :)
    Thanks for taking notice to logical option dude. No one else did and the thread was about sending clones, or should I say saving sent clones. It's a funny old place.

    Hi tinlee,

    Very kind words. It makes a difference to someone when they are hurting physically much. I can appreciate the kindness, and thank you much. I bet it shows thru in your garden. Many blessings, and great Karma your way friend...Ns
    Hi tinlee,

    Thank you for the like. I hope the Op on that thread can figure it out. I appreciate you, and if I can ever be of any assistance. Shoot me a pm friend. Be well...Ns
    Hi Tin Lee, I wish there are more good souls circling the boards such as yourself. I appreciate the help with the canna bomb. You are a good soul. Mad Respect to you and yours...

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