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    Keep up the good fight Bro, you're a legend.
    Hi Uncle SM,

    I feel really bad I never sent those shirts that Brother Bear was kind enough to foward to me on your behalf. I hope you dont think anyless of me. I am finally posting shortly...

    I hope you are well SM...

    Mr Moose hows she going brother. Alls well here, but colder than a witches tit. Going to get 15 below tonight buddy. Hope all is well with you and yours, thanks for the invite. Ale
    G'day Moose. Saw your light on and thought i'd say high. Shame about the trial being postponed.
    G`day Moose
    Had a listen to the Cherokee tune very cool . Thanks for the link bro ,hope I can return the favour .
    Elmer Bud .
    Thanks for the kind words Moose. I'd say that you probably contain what you see in me yourself, otherwise you wouldn't see it, Fare well friend.
    G`day Moose
    Any fall out from 9/11?,rock that boat brother !
    Thanks for sharing .
    Elmer Bud
    Hi Smokin Moose haven't talked to you lately as I didn't have internet but now I do. Hope all is well.
    God Bless, Dawn
    thanks for reply,no that info is real cool moose,i didnt know about the 14 states in us,nor the melbourne an sydney med approval!!! its the norm the world follows suit with the us of a,they do call the aussies little america,5years seems an eternity lol,its been along time coming since being banned in the 1920s!! mind if i ask your smoke of choice matey......
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