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  • Hey man, I think this is a super interesting time for cannabis and that your stories and experiences are most valued and respected. I teamed up with an artist whose style is vintage, heady, and rather psychedelic. If you'd ever be interested in creating some illustrations that speak of your story, or in creating strain designs I think you'd really get along with him and vibe really well... You can find him @ Cheers man.
    Greetings Shantibaba...
    Just wanted to send out a big THANK YOU to you and your crew for the great genetics @ mrNICE.
    I have been growing out the black widow,shit,med man,g13 skunk,nl haze and mango haze and have been blessed with some really amazing plants....keep up the great work!!
    Light and love
    Hello hope all is well I know life ,family and work can keep you hoping and imagine you are worn then but I would be more then happy to test that new hazeAC if you would be willing to give me a shot . Thinks for your time and hard work
    Hello hope you are doing well . I know I owe you all money from the auctions I can just never get about paying for them the way you guys go about it so I went through seedsman instead and ordered some angels breath . What would you suggest looking for in a stellar mother plant out of this strain in a in door set up ?
    Hello shanti I had a question and I hope I'm not out of line . I watched your I think 2014 interview where you said you was making seeds for other companies . Would you care to indulge on who those companies are ? Attitude prices are to high and the auction thing don't work for me cause of the no credit card thing . Any help would mean a lot i am a poor boy and I really want to try the ssh I just want to make sure I'm working with mrnice genetics . A friend tried dinafem's amnesia that I believe is a ssh cut (cite ) beautifull plant but seriously lacking in potency . Thank you for your time I know you are a very busy many . If you have time you can private msg me so it's not for the world to see .
    hi shanti i grow in mapito looking for some plants that are good with sort veg any help would be greatful mate
    shanti what is ur most mold resistant strain? i live in the south east usa 37.5n and was wondering what would be best suited for a humid subtropical climate? thx
    hi MM

    we got it to a level that is consistent but to find a special Skunk you will need to do 3 packs will all be in the selection.look forward to watching any photos you post all the best sb
    Hey Shanti,
    I just wanted to say Thank you so much. I ordered a 15 pack of SHIT and received 18 seeds . i have been wanting an old school skunk #1 strain for a long time and am very excited to grow this. Thanx for all your Time & effort to make this possible
    Hey buddy,

    It's all sweet! My order ended up arriving late last week! Thanks very much for an awesome purchase!

    Also just a quick question, is it normal to get a seed that spawns 2 separate shoots (each with cotelydon) from the same singular seed?? That is, essentially, 2 separate seedlings spawned from the one seed, kinda like twins!!

    We popped 5 NL5 x Afghan beans and one of the leaders of the bunch has hatched twins!

    Would they be sharing the same tap-root below the surface inside the jiffy puck?
    Hi YT

    simone is the person for auctions and she keeps a tight control on all so better ask her. I do believe we received your payment so rest assure...all the best sb
    Hello Shantibaba,
    I was hoping to pick your brain and ask a few questions if its ok with you and/or if you ever have time??

    I'm also awaiting confirmation from you guys that you have recieved payment for a recent auction 'buy now' purchase of mine.
    It was paid for via bank transfer and it was auction #14324 for a pack of NL5 x Afghan.

    Payment of €66 was deposited on Monday 10th October and it's now Saturday the 15th.

    Thank you very much for your time and assistance mate. It’s truly most appreciated.

    Yourz Truly
    Hi there Shanti, I was hoping to ask for a little advice on strain selection.... I am chasing a couple of strains, and leaning towards a sativa influenced/dominant and also a bulky indica/hybrid. Yield is a big factor, but not the only point of consideration. Hoping to find something that would be suitable for hashish production, and medically beneficial.
    Grow style will be a mixture of indoor and greenhouse.
    Location is in the southwest region of Western Australia.

    I have been keenly looking at angels breath, and critical mass also. Do you think I am looking in the right direction? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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