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  • Appreciate your open style of sharing things you have learnt about breeding the great Plant, helps me understand better the evolving genus we know as Cannabis. Thanks scrubdog.
    Hey mate, was reading your comment on my "Calling all Aussies" thread about "torturing" your plants that's a very interesting method of growing. I can't say that I'd employ the same sort of tactics but then again it would boil down to the genetic lineage of the particular strains you're growing at that time and the climate of the geographical origins of the said strain. Supposing it's native to drier, hotter climate I could see that method paying off. But even so, I would still have to see someone else pull it off before I even thought of attempting it myself but even then I don't think I'd even attempt it myself!

    Thanks for your input man! Please don't be a stranger and feel free to contribute anything that you think is of any relevance to my thread.

    ;)hi bud,, hows things all going swell I hope, not the greatest outdoor season for nz this year yet not bad either im finding..
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